12 TF, 8-core processor or SSD with NVMe technology. These are some of the features that Xbox Scarlett can boast, according to Windows Central.

Xbox Scarlett will be one of Microsoft’s biggest releases next year. While Redmond shared the first details of his devices last June, some key features are not yet officially known. Today, however, a new leak has emerged revealing new technical details of Scarlett and the economic variable, known internally as Lockhart.
Xbox Scarlett’s computing power will be 12 teraflops. The Xbox One X is 6 TF
According to Windows Central, which has an excellent reputation when it comes to disclosing data about future Microsoft products, Scarlett will be able to produce the computing power of about 12 teraflops. Compared to its current generation predecessors, the Xbox One X reaches 6 TF, while the Xbox One S remains at 1.4 TF. If you notice, the performance jump will be really big.
However, the source explains that Microsoft will not only expect an increase in teraflops, as other technologies that have been fully adapted by the company will also participate. For example, the 8-core processor with a clock speed of 3.5 GHz is mentioned, which will have significant improvements in caching memory and other improvements that would allow Scarlett to work 4 to 5 times higher than the Xbox One X.
In terms of memory, 16 GB of RAM, 13 of which are for games and the rest (3 GB) are expected to run the operating system. The Xbox One X, on the other hand, uses a maximum of 9 GB for titles. Let’s remember that Microsoft has already confirmed that the high-speed SSD will be able to use its storage space as virtual RAM when needed. Via drive storage discs, Windows central details integration of NVMe-supported SSD, which can eliminate or significantly reduce download times.
You could enjoy any title via the project xCloud streaming
One of Scarlett’s main features, according to the above average, will be the ability to enjoy a title about the xCloud project and its streaming video service while the download to the local storage is completed. Microsoft’s goal is to save players as much time as possible during their own control experience.
When it comes to Xbox Lockhart hardware, lower yield and cheaper version of Scarlet, it achieves computing power of 4 TF. The processor will be a little less than its older sister, but it will share the same NVMe SSD. The economic variable is behind the Xbox One X in its technical potential, but in different sections that you can overcome. In fact, it will also be backwardcompatible and have ray tracking support.
Despite the reliable source, as she also advises, it is best to take the information calmly and wait for an official announcement. Scarlett will go on sale in the final quarter of 2020, while Lockhart’s release date remains a mystery. Although Microsoft did not want to confirm the company’s existence, Kotaku recently reported that the project was still underway.
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