Simon Jordan says Sheffield United striker Oli McBurnie is a moron and deserved to get an official warning by the FA for getting carried away in the stands at a Swansea game.
McBurnie, the former Swansea player who now supports the Welsh club, was in with the Jacks supporters for Sundays south Wales derby at the Cardiff City Stadium.
But, with the game ending in a 0-0 stalemate, the post-match focus fell on the Premier League star and his behaviour in the stands, as he was spotted making an obscene gesture to home supporters.
Oli McBurnie was supporting his former club Swansea at Cardiff… and got a little carried away
McBurnie, Sheffield Uniteds record signing, avoided a fine and got away with only a slap on the wrist from the FA, who reminded the 23-year-old of his responsibilities.
But the events have sparked controversy, with Manchester United legend Gary Neville branding the FA a disgrace for their warning to the striker.
Former Tottenham midfielder Jamie OHara also took aim at the governing body, calling the FA a joke for wanting to reprimand a player for having a laugh.
Thats a disgrace . This lad has done the most normal thing Ive seen from a footballer for a long time . He goes to support his team and is pictured , filmed and ends up with this . https://t.co/3FitxruGlV
— Gary Neville (@GNev2) January 13, 2020
Similar messages were posted from fans of Swansea, Sheffield United and from rival clubs, who praised McBurnie for mixing with supporters as he watched his former team.
But former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan said those views are nonsense, and explained why he believes the FA were right to rebuke the forward.
Speaking on White and Sawyer, he said: If he wants to go to a game and cheer and celebrate the fact he used to play for Swansea, thats fine, but he has puts himself in controversy by being over the top, making masturbatory gestures to the Cardiff fans.
Its inciteful, its unseemly, its unedifying and its unnecessary.
McBurnie got a great reaction from the rest of the travelling Swansea fans, but was warned by the FA about his behaviour
And this is the real world! If you were a normal fan pulling masturbatory signs at somebody and the police saw you, theyd probably nick you!
Of course you want a modern day footballer to be as close as possible to the fans, although the fact theyre paid in such a way probably makes that impossible in this day and age.
Its not about Gary Nevilles barrack-room lawyer mentality that players should be able to do what they want, say what they want and while theyre behaving in an unsatisfactory manner they should be praised for being in touch with the fans.
The fact is Oli McBurnie is now playing in the elite league in world football, playing for a Premier League club, and by the way I dont image Chris Wilder is going to be thinking this is wonderful behaviour on his part its unnecessary attention.
If I was the chairman of Sheffield United, Id be saying: Whats the matter with you, son,? Is there something wrong with you? Why would you need to behave like this? Why would you need to put yourself in a situation where this can be something people lay at you?
Of course Im happy for you to support your former side, of course I want you to have a life, of course I recognise the fact youre a young man and youve got a lot of disposable income so you can live a life some people can only dream of.
But with that, young man, comes a degree of responsibly to behave in a certain way.
Oli McBurnie has scored four goals in 22 games for Sheffield United since his club-record £20million arrival from Swansea
He is a young guy with a greater responsibly that just what he thinks he can do. Hes playing in the Premier League, the biggest league in world football with the most focus on it.
You cant just sit there are say, theres no responsibility for that, you can do what you want, hes a young man and hes connecting with the fans.
No! Hes a moron!
Hes behaving in a moronic fashion and hes opened himself up to controversy.
And hes a refugee from Goldie Lookin Chain from what I saw him wearing!