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I am super tired of having the “a fetus is a person” conversation. So now, if someone says “I’m pro-life,” I give them an ultimatum:
Either you can support free universal health care for everyone, full legally mandated maternity AND paternity leave, government-funded and heavily-regulated day care with highly paid employees, and social welfare programs that are designed to be used by single mothers…
or allow full, unrestricted, legal access to abortion up until birth.
You get to pick ONE. Picking both is MONSTROUS.
You cannot FORCE someone to give birth who cannot afford the tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills associated with having a baby, who then also is not afford to raise that child with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, clothes, toys, diapers, a safe place to live, good food and clean drinkable water, etc. etc.
You cannot FORCE someone to give their precious child up for adoption purely because they can’t afford it.
To take a stance against both of those things, to say “Abortion should be considered murder, and just going to the hospital and having a baby should cost $40,000,” is so monstrous it would consign you to burn in hell for a thousand eternities, in my opinion. It is pure evil.