Eddie Hearn has explained to talkSPORT.com how it felt to watch Dillian Whyte get knocked out in the back garden where he grew up.
The promoter staged his Fight Camp series at the Matchroom HQ last month as he returned with boxing behind closed doors.
Dave Thompson | Matchroom Boxing
Hearn hosted boxing in the Matchroom HQ back garden
This mansion in Essex used to be Hearn’s childhood home before being converted into their office and then converted again into a fight venue.
In the final instalment of the four-week series Whyte was dramatically KOd by Alexander Povetkin.
Hearn explained to talkSPORT.com’s Alex McCarthy: “It was just the most unique – almost bizarre – experience where you see that kind of knockout and the noise.
“I’ll never forget the noise.
Povetkin knocked Whyte cold in round five
“Not just the noise of the punch or Dillian’s head hitting the canvas.
“But like the Russians – only like half a dozen of them – screaming.
“And then you could hear Dillian saying, ‘I’m alright, I’m alright.’
“All these emotions that were running around the garden, it was just such a unique experience.”
Whyte believes he can avenge the defeat in an immediate rematch
Derek Chisora reacts to Alexander Povetkin KO of Dillian Whyte
Now, Hearn is preparing to run his next set of shows – including the Povetkin vs Whyte rematch.
Initially he’d hoped there would be a limited audience for these bouts, but the recent government U-turn on fans returning to sport has thrown this into doubt.
The promoter continued: “We’ve got to try and recreate that behind-closed-doors experience again.
“It won’t be at Fight Camp this time, but it’ll be for something else.
Whyte and Hearn spoke post-fight about the rematch, which is now set for November 21
“It’s difficult times. It is bringing us a different kind of drama in a different kind of way.
“We’ve gotta try and embrace that and showcase that emotion and drama of our sport, but without crowds, which is something that we’ve been including as such an important part of that drama and that atmosphere for so long.
“It was very disappointing to see Dillian Whyte lose that fight, but it was great to see him come back so quickly and also to get the rematch penned in.”
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