Simon Jordan has launched an extraordinary attack on Pep Guardiola after the Man City boss called for an English cup competition to be scrapped.
Guardiola whose City side play eight times in January believes removing one competition would help the players fitness and overall health amid serious injuries to England stars Marcus Rashford and Harry Kane.
Rashford has a double stress fracture in his back
He said: It is unsustainable. We demand a lot from the players, its too much. We told them when we are with the Premier League. They should reflect [on] it but all the managers complained about it and they dont care.
Eliminate competitions, take them out. Less games, less competitions, less teams, more quality, less quantity.”
But former Crystal Palace own Jordan believes this is typical of the Premier League’s apparent lack of care for the rest of the football pyramid.
“The Football League needs the Football League Cup,” Jordan told talkSPORT. “It needs to generate money outside the Premier League. The Premier League isn’t the only game in town.
Pep Guardiola is not surprised by recent injuries to Premier League stars
“It’s wrong that these clubs are allowed to talk down club competitions. He knew what was involved and he’s at the very top of the privileged pile when it comes to buying players.
“This is what stinks about the Premier League. We’re talking about traditions at the heart of our game.
“You get someone coming over here, making a fortune out of one of our best clubs and talking about taking cup tournaments out – but they’ll play in the Club World Cup and the Champions League.
“They’ll bring about the ruination of English football by creating a gateway into European Super Leagues. It stinks.
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He added: “It’s cynical, it’s wrong, it’s self-interested and self-motivated. The only reason we have the Premier League is because of the strength of football in this country.
“It’s a pyramid and the Premier League are killing it. By taking out a competition, you’re undermining the fabric of what everyone else needs in this country.
“I thought he would’ve been happy with the League Cup because it’s probably the only thing they’re going to win this season!”