Noel Gallagher had Oasis fans worldwide crying their hearts out on Thursday morning by revealing to talkSPORT a reunion is NOT happening, despite claims from his brother.
Liam was at it again on social media on Wednesday, beginning the start of the new decade by claiming the iconic Britpop legends may reform in the near future.
He tweeted that his older sibling has been begging him to end his solo career and get the band back together in 2022.
After album no3 Im gonna split up with myself I just dont think Ill be able to work with myself any longer I can write what I like and so can he but I think its for the best
— Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) January 8, 2020
I intend to retire as solo artist after album no3 as I have just had a call from my brother begging me to start oasis again in 2022 if you believe in life after love cmon you know LG x
— Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) January 8, 2020
He then signed off his messages by quoting Cher: “If you believe in life after love cmon you know LG x.” As you do.
And, although they probably should have known better, it sent the Oasis fanbase into meltdown.
When are Oasis reforming? has surely been one of the most-asked questions of the last decade, following their 2009 break-up.
But, for the moment at least, it seems very unlikely given frontman Liam and guitarist and songwriter Noel have made it no secret that they still absolutely despise each other.
“We are never, ever, ever getting back together” – Yes, alright, it’s a Taylor Swift song, but it’s appropriate!
And Noel confirmed what all Oasis fans were dreading on Thursday morning.
The rock ‘n’ roll star hasnt been idle on the rumours and contacted Sports Breakfast host Ally McCoist to insist a reunion is NOT happening.
He said his brother was probably just polishing off the last of the Christmas booze in a late-night champagne supernova.
This was the text he sent to Ally:
Ive been listening to the show… and RE: The Reunion, sadly I think the other fella must have been on the leftover Christmas Babycham.
For the record, until anyone hears it from ME, its not happening.
Watch a clip of talkSPORT’s breaking Oasis news IN FULL above!