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You all, I can’t with all this LOL
And yes, RIP my inbox. I can’t keep up with anything.
However, I would like to clear up something that has been mentioned a lot, and that I’ve gotten messages about–the throwaway account. As you can see, it’s almost a year old. It was made for a post I didn’t want associated with my main.
I hung on to it because it was useful, and I’ve been on it a lot lately since it’s Formula 1 season, and I’ll get spoilers if I’m on my main. This morning I was bored, and posted three times with it–the beet post and another post of a tomahawk ribeye bone in r/AbsoluteUnits, and one of my cat in r/AnimalsBeingDerps (plus my post here). To be honest, it didn’t occur to me to switch accounts.
I’m actually sorry I didn’t use my main. So…I guess this this my main now, at least for beet-related content.