The stereotype that footballers arent the sharpest tools in the shed if you catch our drift can sometimes seem a little harsh.
Afterall, Juan Mata has completed two degrees during his time at Manchester United, Chelsea star Fikayo Tomori is currently studying for a business management diploma, and there are plenty of players who are multi-lingual.
But for every footballer who bucks the trend, there will inevitably be one who proves it.
Djibril Sidibe was left red faced after he realised he only had one sock on
Enter Everton full-back Djibril Sidibe, who only put on one sock before coming off the bench in Saturdays Premier League clash over Crystal Palace.
Everton were forced into making an early change after Theo Walcott pulled up with an injury shock horror but his replacement was delayed coming onto the pitch because he forgot part of his kit.
Sidibe appeared ready to come on the pitch and lined up on the touchline alongside his manager and the fourth official.
But TV camera captured a brilliantly comical moment when the Frenchman went to pull up his left sock, only to realise it wasnt there, it was just a shin pad strapped to his leg.
It wasnt even with him on the bench, it was back in the dressing room.
So down the tunnel he darted to retrieve it, as Carlo Ancelotti was going absolutely spare on the sidelines, telling him to get a shift on as his side were down to ten men!
It mattered little in the end as the Toffees claimed a 3-1 win.
Ancelotti has managed the biggest sides in world football, he has won everything, he has probably seen everything there is to see as a football coach… but he told talkSPORT hes never seen anything like this in his entire career.
It was a new experience for me, said the former AC Milan and Real Madrid boss.
He forgot the sock and I dont know… it can happen.
Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti was absolutely baffled by the hilarious moment
We were playing with ten men!
Sometimes when you play with ten men you can play better, but sometimes you can suffer.
Fortunately nothing happened!