A new decade of viral boogieing begins

Just a couple of days into 2020, Lil Uzi Vert showed everyone how to do his new dance, the Futsal Shuffle. Since November, fans have been falling over their feet trying to replicate the flailing steps that he first previewed on Twitter. The rapper predicted that the dance would take over 2020 shortly after its release, and its hard to deny that it very well could and that it already kind of has.
Viral dances are a dime a dozen. Theyre usually built around a moment in the song, some unintentional action, or a dance that happens to become much bigger than it was probably meant to be at the time. Shiggys epic routine made Drakes In My Feelings a certified cultural smash in 2018, and BlocBoy JBs Shoot Dance also popped off the same year, with even video game companies recreating the dance. Viral dances define moments and leave them etched in our brains, so when we remember that time, we can’t help but spontaneously break out into these moves.
Coordinated boogieing via the Charleston, the Foxtrot, and Swing dancing might have defined the original Roaring Twenties, but only a few weeks into the new Roaring ’20s, we already have our own. We’ve got the key dances below.

  • What it is: If there was a dance that looks like it would give you a concussion if done too fast, its Lil Uzi Verts soccer-themed sway, the Futsal Shuffle. While he hasnt clarified if the song is inspired by the soccer-like game thats played on a hard court instead of a pitch and typically only features five players on each team, hes posted the soccer emoji with a clip of him doing the dance and hes been known to wear soccer jerseys. The rapper teased the song in 2019 before releasing it along with a dynamic video of the dance he believes is set to take over.
    How to do it: Simply put, it involves jumping and kicking your leg forward, backward, and then to the side. After that, you take the other one and repeat the cycle. If done wrong, your legs could fold into a complicated origami-like shape and send you on a no-expenses-paid trip to the hospital. But if you do it correctly, as the rapper flaunts in the video, youll prove that your coordination is second to none. It also flows well with other dances like the Woah and the Mop. Break this out in a party and youll be the main attraction just make sure you have enough room first.
  • What it is: Justin Bieber came back to full musical force at the top of 2020 from a brief musical hiatus with a suave and sweet new single, Yummy. Its candied, soulful, R&B adjacent-pop that’s just perfect to build a dance routine around.
    How to do it: Thats just what he did in its video when he broke out his shoulders and began to bounce them from side to side at an expensive dinner, eventually causing a food fight. TikToks groove-hungry community took his movements and made them into grand routines, with users often incorporating a couple of friends to slide back and forth across the floor with.
  • What it is: DaBaby who positively owned 2019 surprised everyone with Bop On Broadway, a one-take, two-minute scene that involves the rapper getting chased by police before linking up with a crowd of people in rush- hour traffic and performing a dance routine choreographed by singer DaniLeigh.
    How to do it: The simple set of moves involves raising one hand in the air, swaying from side to side, and then thrusting your entire body furiously like a wild animal. Its so easy to replicate that its no wonder that people want to break out in it at a moments notice.  The legendary Jabbawockeez dance group appear at the end, slowly moving their arms and bodies in a bouncing motion and mechanically transitioning into furious Woah moves. Only the best dancers in the world can try and replicate that.
  • What it is: Rapper TisaKorean, whos collaborated with Chance the Rapper for 2019s Groceries and most recently, appeared in Lil Uzi Verts Futsal Shuffle video, really, really loves to dance. He released The Mop last November, outlining the steps to do a dance thats taken over TikTok.
    How to do it: Dont know how to do it? Its simple just listen to the chorus of the song. Left hand first, now put the right hand on top, mop, mop, mop, mop. Its that easy.
  • What It Is:Fresh X Reckless are a quartet of New Orleans Louisiana rappers: Deelo, Mel, Tee, and T Daddie. Youve seen them on your timeline wearing ridiculously bedazzled outfits and standing hairdos, rapping so fast that you can barely understand what theyre saying and leaning on each other like somehow both an early 2000s boy band and the Power Rangers. They do a lot of crazy moves, but perhaps the most well known is when they manage to sit on each other at the same time.
    How To Do It: This one takes a lot of trust and comfort, so you may not be able to do this with three other random people; you might need to find friends who dont mind looking silly for five minutes. Standing in a circle, each person needs to use one hand to grab anothers shoulder while placing the other hand in the middle of their back. Then, one person starts a spin that the other people then match, gradually getting into a position where each persons back is extended and their legs are outstretched, with their knees perpendicular to the ground. If done right, each person can sit on the person beside them. And frankly, what better way to begin 2020?