A new survey sent to PlayStation users seems to hint that Sony is thinking about bringing Remote Play to other devices like Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation games could soon be playable on all kinds of different platforms, if a recent survey is to be believed. The survey comes by way of Reddit user YouRedditHereFirst, who explains that they received the survey as an email from Sony.
The survey itself was mostly focused on the Remote Play feature. According to the Reddit post, the survey discussed Remote Play on a variety of different devices, including Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It even asked about using Remote Play on nongaming devices like Apple TV and Android TV. The poster also mentions a section about using a generic handheld device.
As for the versions of Remote Play that already exist, the survey also discusses the idea of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games joining the Remote Play lineup. It also asks if users like the idea of being able to adjust audio and video quality to help reduce lag, and of reducing the size of the on-screen controller to give you more room to see the game.
Remote Play is a PlayStation feature that allows players to stream PlayStation 4 games and play them on other devices similar to Googles Stadia or Microsofts upcoming Project xCloud. Currently, players can use Remote Play on Android and iOS devices, as well as Macs and Windows PCs.
As with any survey, all of the things mentioned here are really only hypothetical ideas. Theyre just ways of measuring players interests in certain features, to help Sony determine what is and what isnt worth spending time on. Because of that, any of these features could come out in the future, but none of them are guaranteed.