A police video from Hegang, China, went viral and showed a man serving as a chair for his pregnant wife to rest.

After a long wait for one foot, a perfect husband turned into a human chair to prevent his pregnant wife from suffering harm. This act of love was captured in a security video that went viral on social media.
This strange story originated in a hospital in Haigang, a city in China’s Heilongjiang province. What is shown in the clip has crossed the line and touched the entire planet.
The woman, who was waiting for medical advice, could not stand up and felt that her legs were failing. His partner then made a quick decision.
In the photos shared by the local police, the husband and father-to-be prevented the woman from falling to the ground by offering her a seat. The man knelt on his love feet while holding a fender to the wall and eventually sitting on her partner. The review was published on People magazine’s online portal.
A multipurpose couple, a happy pregnant woman.
The hospital hallway was full of patients and companions and occupied all the seats. None of them offered a position on the pregnant woman. For the man, there was nothing else to do but turn into a chair.
And if that wasn’t enough, in a certain position he was in, the man could offer his lover a drink. This touching multi-purpose pair went unnoticed by the other people featured in the video, but did not escape the eyes of surveillance cameras, let alone curious Internet users.
Chinese police described the man as a “good husband” and highlighted the indifference of the people who appeared in the clip, according to WHDH TELEVISION.