After sitting out for a season, she’s returning in a big way

Great news, horror fans! Sarah Paulson is finally making her way back to American Horror Story.
After sitting out for American Horror Story: 1984, Paulson will be returning to the franchise for Season 10. She confirmed the news to US Weekly during the Television Critics’ Association’s winter press tour.
But this time around, she won’t be relegated to a bit part or a simple cameo, as she was rumored to in 1984 (she did not, by the way). She’ll be coming back to play a major role, just like in American Horror Story: Apocalypse.
“I did ask Ryan [Murphy], If the question was asked to me, could I say that I was coming back? and he said, Yes, you could say. So, yes I will be back on American Horror Story,” she said of her impending role. As far as what she’ll be doing in the new season, however, she can’t say just yet, because she isn’t exactly sure.
“I have no idea what it will be,” she said. “Im not coming back as a guest part. I would be a central character.
Paulson’s last appearance in Season 8 found her reprising her role as Cordelia Goode and Billie Dean Howard from previous seasons. She pulled triple duty, however, also playing newcomer Wilhemina Venable. In Season 7, she was also a central player in the series, as she stepped into the shoes of restaurant owner Ally Mayfair-Richards. Ever since the beginning of American Horror Story, she’s had major roles, so it was odd to see her having stepped back for one of the series’ best seasons.
Of course, this begs the question if co-star Evan Peters will also be returning. Previously, Paulson told TV Guide that if Peters were to return to the horror series (another fan-favorite character), she would as well.
“I miss Evan and I miss acting with Evan. So I’d love to have that experience again,” she said. “If he’ll come back, I’m back.” Perhaps that’s what’s transpired? We can only hope so, because the pair’s absence has certainly been felt.