Bathrooms are getting smarter, smelling nicer, making you sweat, cooling you down, and, of course, still graciously accepting your waste.

Oh, bathroomsa place in the house where so much happens. You shower, shave, perform your skin-care routine, and so much more. As technology gets smarter, bathrooms do too. You might have thought that your mini skin-care fridge was impressive, that you had a fancy faucet, or that your LED-lighted mirror was high tech, but folks, you haven’t seen anything yet.
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We dove deep to explore the ways the bathrooms of the future will look, and believe us, you’ll never want to leave. And you probably won’t have to. Here are seven ways we predict that bathrooms will change (for the better) in the future.
Photograph: Kohler 
The bathroom of the future, like the anything of the future, will have a brain of its own. Only a battle of intelligence among the smartest of your smart objects can crown the room’s thought leader, but we like the odds of Kohler’s Verdera Voice lighted mirror, equipped with Amazon’s Alexa. Mirror, mirror, on the wall: How do you say “I love you” in Japanese? Also, we need more hand soap, thank you.
Photograph: Perlick
It is almost irrelevant that some skin-care products last longer under Arctic conditions, according to San Diego dermatologist Melanie Palm, because the sensation of applying cooled liquid to skin is just about as good as it gets. Built-in skin-care fridges, like Perlick’s 15-inch chilled drawer, subtly inform snooping guests of your new standard of living, so you don’t have to.
Photograph: Moen