Duos are making a welcome return to Apex Legends as part of the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous alongside a special badge and seasonal items.

  • Respawn is reintroducing Duos to Apex Legends.
  • Valentines Day Rendezvous runs from Feb. 11 to Feb. 18.
  • Badge and cosmetic items are available for a limited time.

To mark the seasonal celebration of romance that is Valentines Day, Duos are making a welcome return to Apex Legends.
Duos Return to Apex Legends
In an update published today, developer Respawn laid out the details of what it is calling Valentines Day Rendezvous.
The main gist is that Duos are back, which should please anyone who sampled the delights of jumping into Apex Legends as a couple when Respawn first introduced the mode in late 2019. Much like the first trial run, its a limited-time affair that runs from tomorrow Feb. 11 until Feb. 18.
As with previous events, players will receive a Valentines 2020 Badge for merely logging into the Apex Legends client. Its got love hearts and Apexs Nessie (of the Lock Ness monster fame) clasping a rose in its mouth.
Source: Respawn Entertainment
For those that join Duo games, a Double Up XP Boost does what it says on the tin, although Respawn has capped the multiplier to 20,000 XP per day.
Valentines Day Items
The Rendezvous also introduces a handful of Apex Legends cosmetic items.
For the first half of the week from Feb. 11 to Feb 14., a Lovestruck charm sporting the same loved up Nessie as the badge will be available for 500 coins. During the same period, players can spend 800 coins to get their hands on the Longbow Through The Heart skin.
Source: Respawn Entertainment
For the rest of the week (Feb. 15 to Feb 18.), the store will flog last years Valentine skins. Players can pick up a cupid-Pathfinder hybrid Lovefinder charm for 700 coins and a Love of the Game Pathfinder frame for 800 coins.
Its not unreasonable to expect Duos to once again be a massive hit among the Apex Legends player base. Many will lament the fact the mode isnt a permanent part of the game. Limited-time modes are great and all, but its long overdue, Respawn. Add it in already.
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Last modified: February 11, 2020 12:31 AM UTC