“El Chapo ordered that anyone who was about to play there by our friends had to kill him because it put everyone’s safety at risk, and said no Barbie

One of the first games is the plane in which Jenny Rivera was travelling, LearJet25 built in 1969, the same year the singer was born.
Also noteworthy is the interview in which the singer herself played the subject of death: “I feel like I have lived many things in my 42 years, all the difficulties I have been through, but I feel fulfilled, I feel fulfilled, I feel fulfilled, I feel Happy… I can die and say, “Here lies Jenny Rivera.”
At her last press conference the night before the accident, Jenny also told the media: “I feel blessed. There is no other word than to feel blessed, very happy, very dear. I often can’t believe in my career or in employees, that happens in my life.”
On the night of his last appearance, Jenny Rivera cried more than usual when he finished the show performing “Paloma Negra,” as a friend of the singer told him. The subject in which she hears in the 2:19 minute, a voice in the distance screams: “Today they kill her!”
With the announcement of the crash, the song “When His Master Dies” soon seemed to begin on social media and media, in which Jenny Roy said what his funeral would look like.
A week before her death, Jenny Rivera performed at a concert by her brother Lupillo Rivera to make peace after being banished for a long time. Some had come to believe that Jenny might not have known that he was quitting his role.
With information from Formula Radio