Exclusive to the stars, the actor revealed what his goal would be for 2020

Exclusive to the stars, the actor revealed what his goal would be for 2020
The show about the trip with Derbys showed the great relationship that Jose Eduardo Derbez and his father Eugenio Derbez achieved during their vacation in Morocco earlier this year. Despite their closeness, the actor reveals that he won’t spend Christmas or New Year with his father because he will be with his mother Victoria Roro.
Exclusively with Las Estrellas, the eldest of the so-called queen of the detail series, who will have both festivals together with their mother family, because he has already spent a lot of time with Derbez in 2019.
I spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with Victoria with my holy mother, who has had a long journey with Derbez, so you have to change it,” said the actor, 27.
The actor, who has appeared in series such as How Poor Up Rich, has detailed some details about how he celebrates Christmas with his family.
In my house you can not miss a good Christmas dinner, very rich, to be with the family, to live with beings who love joy more and much, assured the stars.
Jose Eduardo Derbez not only revealed how and with whom you will spend these appointments, but also revealed what goals will be for this year 2020. Apparently his father Ignao Derbyz will be made very happy and it is that the young star has indicated that he wants to smoke.
My goal of 2020 is to make myself delicious in the gym if I am successful;
José Eduardo Derbez is the result of the relationship that the actor Eugenio Derbez maintained from 1992 to 1997, the year they separated and began public struggles. One of the triggers of this war between the two artists was Roro’s accusations about Derbez, who claims to betray him with a false marriage; In addition, the serial hero of the opera demanded pensions for her son and he lived longer with him.
With information from Santiago Morak