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More than 40,000 calls have been made to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, and demand is rising as restrictions ease, according to the charity that runs it.
Refuge’s telephone helpline, which ordinarily logs around 270 calls and contacts from women, friends and family members needing support every day, saw an increase of 77 per cent during June.
The first week in July saw a 54 per cent rise in women needing emergency accommodation when compared with the last week in June – the highest number of women needing emergency accommodation during the lockdown period.
During June, 73 per cent of calls to the helpline were from survivors of domestic abuse, and 40 per cent of these callers were provided with information on issues such as child contact and housing rights.
Refuge said 17 per cent of callers were supported to make safety plans and 15 per cent were looking for emergency accommodation indicating they needed to leave their homes urgently.