If the average fighting game is too brutish, violent, or yelly for your taste, Playfellow Studios is making the ultimate counter: Fisti-fluffs, the cat-based fighting game. You can check out the demo or support the developers on Itch.io

About a month ago, Playfellow Studios announced a new indie game: Fisti-fluffs. The studio behind New Light 89 and Mako: The Shark Game are putting together a new party game all about cats.
In Fisti-fluffs, you can select a cat you want to control, choose hats you think they might look good in, and battle other cats for dominance in the living room. Fisti-cuffs is all about batting fellow cats with your ferocious paws; there are no Hadoukens or Kamehamehas here. To win the fight, you need to bash the enemy cats until their health is zero and repeat the process depending on how many cat lives the enemy player has (up to nine, of course).
What all cat owners come home to on a Sunday afternoon
Gif: Playfellow Studio
But Fisti-fluffs isnt a traditional 2D or 3D fighter. Instead, you and your cat can jump around the arena, flinging furniture, fish, and generally destroying the home of your owner. Seasoned cat owners should be familiar with this kind of destruction. But if the destruction isnt enough to complete your authentic cat experience, you can also use the D-pad to meow, growl, and hiss at your fellow competitors or inanimate objects.
You can pick up a demo for Fisti-fluffs (which offers the Tussle fighting mode for up to four players) for free on Itch.io. If you want to support the developers, you can donate to them through Fisti-fluffs Itch.io page or Playfellows Patreon.
Before you determine if your cat is a fighter, you may want to calculate their HP first
The studio has already launched a new build for Patreon subscribers, including a new backyard map, and a new cat called Glo. Were not sure if Fisti-fluffs will appear at the next great fighting tournament, but we do know it only costs $500 for Playfellow to recreate your own cat in the game.