Japan pledges to hold the postponed Tokyo Games in 2021, even if the pandemic is still continuing.

Thanks for joining our rolling coverage of the global coronavirus pandemic – it’s Helier Cheung, Ashitha Nagesh and Marie Jackson with you this morning in London.
To help you catch up, here are some of the main headlines from across the world.

  • Japans Olympic Minister Seiko Hashimoto has said the Tokyo Olympics, which were supposed to be held this year, must be held in 2021 at any cost. He said the Games should be held for the benefit of athletes, regardless of the challenges posed by the pandemic
  • India has today recorded its highest daily death toll from the virus in more than a month, even though new cases are slowing. Yesterday India overtook Brazil in overall number of coronavirus cases, and is now second only to the US
  • In the US, many people celebrated Labor Day weekend by holding large gatherings across the country, despite warnings from public health officials. More than 1,000 people went to a beach event in San Francisco, while people gathered on beaches and rooftops in Georgia and South Carolina. The US has 6m cases of the virus – the highest in the world
  • Still in the US, President Donald Trump and his electoral rival Joe Biden have sparred over each others positions on a Covid-19 vaccine. Trump hinted again that a vaccine would be available before the election in November, while Biden expressed scepticism that Trump would listen to scientists
  • Globally there have now been more than 27.3m cases of the virus and more than 892,000 deaths, according to the toll kept by Johns Hopkins University