Laurent Hurtubise was born with one arm and started playing golf at age 11 – now he’s made an ace at The American Express

A one-armed amateur golfer nailed a 151-yard hole-in-one at the PGA Tour American Express 2020.
Laurent Hurtubise, who was born without most of his right arm, hit the shot of the day on Thursday, on the par-3 4th hole in the tournament’s opening round.
He was playing alongside three-time PGA tour winner Troy Merritt, who said afterwards: “That was the coolest experience I’ve had on the golf course.”
After the shot, Hurtubise celebrated by throwing his hat into the air and was met by cheers from the crowd.
Hurtubise celebrated after the shot. Credit: PGA
PGA tweeted about the moment and one person responded: ”
That was awesome. Any hole in one is awesome.”
Another added: “Didn’t see him make his ace, but had the pleasure to watch him hit a golf ball today at the Stadium course. Most people with two arms would like to be able to hit like he does with one. Very cool and congrats on the ace. What a memory that will be!”
A third wrote: “Pretty cool stuff, and that’s 1 more ace than I’ve got. #jealous,” someone else commented: “This could be the most inspirational shot I’ve seen – another reason why golf is the best.”