Meanwhile, Netflix is about to unleash Miss Americana, its documentary about Taylor Swift .

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of The Monitor, WIREDs culture news roundup. This weeks news has been dominated by politics, but there have been a few interesting tidbits to come from the world of entertainment. For one, theres a new Beastie Boys documentary coming to Apple TV+. For another, Amazon is getting into the Jack Reacher business. Lets get going.
Just when it seemed like there wasnt a lot of original content on Apple TV+, the streaming service revealed Wednesday that it has picked up a feature documentary from director Spike Jonze about the Beastie Boys. Beastie Boys Story will feature Mike Diamond and Adam Horowitz (Adam Yauch, the third member of the legendary hip-hop group, died in 2012) and will open in IMAX theaters on April 3 before heading to Apples streaming service on April 24. Hey Apple, any chance you can get your hands on whatever the hell Jonze was making with Frank Ocean? Asking for a friend.
Living meme Taylor Swift has a documentary heading to Sundance. Its true, Miss Americana will open the festival late next week. Fear not, everyone not going to Park City, Utah will be able to see the doc soon enough. Netflix announced this week that it will premiere on the streaming service on January 31. Ready your tissues and reaction GIFs, everyone.
Yes, theres already been a Jack Reacher movie, but that doesnt mean there isnt room for more Jack Attack content. To that end, Amazon Studios announced this week that its greenlighting a new drama series based on the Lee Childs book series. Itll be written by Prison Break scribe Nick Santora and the debut season will be based on the novel The Killing Floor. Meanwhile, Amazon also announced this week that its signed an overall deal with 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen. Big week!