My country for science. Unlike other systems, the 4T system gave new impetus to basic research by supplying 2,253,000,000 pesos in 2019.

My country for science. Unlike other systems, the 4T system gave new impetus to basic research by allaying 2,253,000,000 pesos in 2019, the agency’s owner said.
Maria Elena Alvarez-Bella Rousses, president of Conacyt, contradicts the new government
Maria Elena Alvarez-Posella Rousses, director of the National Council for Science and Technology, said Monday that the fourth transformation government has given a new impetus to basic or frontier science.
He said the support reflected the 2,253 million pesos allocated to basic research this year.
It contrasts with this investment with the liberal liberal system, which was least valued by science and ultimately reduced the budget for this material activity to zero.
At the Arts, Science and Culture Awards, Alvarez-Bubila highlighted the role the federal government plays in science.
He said that the key role played by the government of President Andres Manuel Lépez Obrador in scientific development was clearly evident in the recent constitutional amendment, which would give everyone access to knowledge.
This vision was reflected in the Union by putting this dependence at the service of the Mexicans.
This is reflected in his diversion under his leadership in the National Council for Science and Technology.”
“Putting scientific work at the service of man, building science for Mexico,” President Conacyt said.
For colleagues and researchers 67% of the budget: Conacyt
My country for science. With more than 16,000,000 pesos in 2019, more than 110,000 people benefited, replacing the liberal model and the public interest.
Renovation, 6 December 2019. In 2019, the National Council for Science and Technology provided 67 percent of the budget, equivalent to 16,000,000,000 pesos, to support colleagues and researchers as part of a responsible new science, technology and innovation policy.
Maria Elena Alvarez-Bossella Rousses, general manager of Conaco, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, said Mexico is replacing the liberal model.
This model favours special and individual interests over collective interests and people’s well-being.
More than 110,000 people benefited from mothers, heads of families, indigenous women and students with disabilities.
Alvarez-Bossella Rossis said the 14 National Strategic Programs (Pronaces) have energized Conacyt to help solve the country’s priority problems.
This was done by entering a social, human and ecological vision.
He also pointed out that the New Policy of the Agency is committed to social issues and the well-being of the environment.
Gender inequality
The main title of the network was that the measures are aimed at reducing gender inequality in the national system of researchers.
I have noticed that this injustice has occurred mainly at the highest levels, the second and second.
This is why scientists are looking for greater development opportunities than researchers and are also reaching the highest levels.
President Andres Manuel Lépez Obrador led the Arts, Science and Culture Awards. The ceremony took place in the treasure hall of the National Palace, https://t.co/AzjZPuW9Aj about @RegeneracionMx
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