Ninety-four percent of cases were not vaccinated against the disease.

Mexico City. – Last week, three people died from the flu, eight of them so far from the winter season. In 94 percent of cases, patients were not vaccinated against the disease, according to the Directorate-General for Epidemiology.
The Ministry of Health explained at length that, in addition to the vaccine, 28% of people who died of high blood pressure suffered from hypertension; 27%, obesity, 22%, immunosuppression. According to the weekly report of the seasonal flu season 2019-2020 of 18 deaths, 61% due to the AH1N1 strain; 33% to AH3N2 and 6% for his flu book.
The ratio of contagion, the prevalence of the viral subtype ah3N2 is 55% of the cases, followed by AH1N1, with 32%; Influenza B is less common at 11%.
Spud said that in 2019, 32,400,000 vaccines were purchased, so there are enough supplies in all medical units to be used for free. In addition, the units of the Institute of Security and Social Services of the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Security and Social Services for Civil Servants have sufficient supplies of oseltamivir, antiviral treatment, reference is made to influenza.
La Ssa, Mexicano del Seguru Social Institute (For Guarantee) and ISSSTE are once again urging Mexicans to receive proper diagnosis and treatment and to avoid self-medication.
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