Not ready to go full electric? A plug-in hybrid could be a low emission option

While electric cars that is, those driven along solely by their batteries get all the publicity, its arguable that, for many of us, a plug-in hybrid car makes more sense right now.
You can start racking up at least some zero-emissions kilometres, but you still have the reassurance and convenience of liquid fuel for when you need to make a longer journey. Irish buyers are finally catching on to these advantages, with sales of such vehicles up by 75 per cent so far this year.
Heres our guide to the best of whats on offer right now with both pump and plug, divvied up by price bands
Citroën C5 AircrossPrice: TBARange (electric only): 50kmVerdict: Franco-stylish mobile sofa with part-electric power.
Ford KugaPrice: 35,433Range (electric only): 56kmVerdict: Stylish RAV4 rival thats good to drive and surprisingly efficient.
Hyundai Ioniq.
Hyundai IoniqPrice: 34,995Range (electric only): 62kmVerdict: As sensible as nuns shoes, but slightly more stylish than that suggests.
Jeep Renegade 4XEPrice: TBARange (electric only): 50kmVerdict: Can part-electric power give Jeep brand much-needed CPR in Ireland?
Kia Ceed.
Kia XCeedPrice: 28,945Range (Electric only): 58kmVerdict: Slightly Porsche-esque styling makes this a handsome plugin. Good value too.
Kia Niro.
Kia NiroPrice: 32,995Range (electric only): 65kmVerdict: Arguably the best all-round plugin-hybrid of all
Mercedes-Benz A250EPrice: TBARange (electric only): 65kmVerdict: A-Class gets powertrain to match its high-tech cabin, and the same plug-in tech will spread to the CLA, GLA, GLB et al in the next year or so.
Opel Grandland X Hybrid D4Price: 36,645 to 47,415Range (electric only): 56kmVerdict: Sporty to drive, but a touch plain inside for something this pricey. Frugal when running as a hybrid, though.
Peugeot 508 Hybird 2 PHEVPrice: 38,895 to 47,995Range (electric only): 62kmVerdict: Peugeots handsome fastback is as slick to drive as it is to look at, but the SW estate is the one to go for.
Peugeot 3008.
Peugeot 3008 Hybrid2 & Hybrid 4 PHEVPrice: 37,995 to 49,400Range (electric only): 64kmVerdict: An impressive pair of PHEVs. The 300hp Hybrid4 is properly quick and feels deft in spite of extra weight.
Renault Captur.
Renault Capture E-TechPrice: TBARange (electric only): 51kmVerdict: Captur plug-in uses a clever twin-motor electric system, supposedly inspired by Renaults F1 engineers.
Seat Leone-HybridPrice: TBARange (electric only): 60kmVerdict: Spanish style meets part-battery power. Hot Cupra plug-in model coming soon too.
Skoda Octavia IV & RSPrice: TBARange (electric only): 59kmVerdict: Skodas new Octavia gets sensible and racy plugin versions
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer XDrive 25XEPrice: 40,415 to 42,715Range (electric only): 40kmVerdict: Way more fun than youd expect, but hardly a cutting-edge design now.
BMW 330EPrice: 44,065 to 56,395Range (electric only): 66kmVerdict: The best 3 Series of all. More affordable than most of the diesels, and a hugely accomplished all-rounder.
BMW 530EPrice: 55,695 to 68,915Range (electric only): 50kmVerdict: Sharp steering and impressive economy, but cabin starting to feel a touch tight compared to Audis A6 plug-in hybrid.
BMW X1 and X2 XDrive 25EPrice: 42,545 to 47,365Range (electric only): 57kmVerdict: Small but stylish, X2 is kinda pointless, but the X1 is likeable.
BMW X3 XDrive 30EPrice: 56,335 to 59,845Range (electric only): 54kmVerdict: Best all-round BMW X car? Hard to argue against that now that it has plug-in power.
Ford TourneoPrice: 51,743Range (electric only): 56kmVerdict: Transit with a plug, and every bit as useful as that sounds. For taxi drivers mostly, but you could see its usefulness to big families with eco-consciences.
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque & Discovery Sport P300EPrice: TBARange (electric only): 62-66kmVerdict: Slinky style (Evoque) or big and practical (Discovery Sport), now with electric power.
Mini Countryman.
Mini Countryman Cooper SEPrice: 42,950 to 45,730Range (electric only): 41kmVerdict: Surprisingly good fun, but thirsty if you dont keep it plugged in.
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVPrice: 40,400 to 48,250Range (electric only): 45kmVerdict: Ageing now, but still useful as long as you plug it in regularly.
Skoda Superb IVPrice: 40,770 to 50,270Range (electric only): 63-70kmVerdict: Big smoothie Superb really suits plug-in hybrid powertrain. Refined and ludicrously competent.
Volkswagen Golf GTEPrice: TBARange (electric only): 69kmVerdict: Half-electric hot Golf should give the GTI a fright or two when it arrives later this year.
Volkswagen Passat GTEPrice: 42,495 to 45,150Range (electric only): 56-59kmVerdict: Sensible GTE has surprising turn of speed. Estate is best, as ever.
Volvo XC40 T4 & T5Price: 54,385 to 55,995Range (electric only): 46kmVerdict: Cool-looking SUV expands into electric territory. More affordable T4 version comes next year.
Volvo S60 & V60 T8Price: 54,995 to 60,801Range (electric only): 50kmVerdict: Immensely appealing half-electric Volvo. Get the estate (yes, we always say that).
Audi A6 TFSIE QuattroPrice: TBARange (electric only): 51kmVerdict: 367hp with minimal emissions and 4wd. Sounds good to us.
Audi A7 TFSIE QuattroPrice: TBARange (electric only): 40kmVerdict: Same as the A6, but sexier and pricier.
Audi Q5 TFSIE QuattroPrice: 64,200 to 73,500Range (electric only): 40kmVerdict: Same system as the A6 hybrid, but somehow a less charming vehicle overall
Audi Q7 TFSIE QuattroPrice: 86,600 to 99,000Range (electric only): 40kmVerdict: Big bruiser, but loveable and luxurious.
BMW 545E Plugin-HybridPrice: TBARange (electric only): 57kmVerdict: Like a 530e, but with six-cylinder refinement.
BMW 745e Plugin-HybridPrice: 95,935 to 110,335Range (electric only): 50kmVerdict: Ahead by a nose, if huge proboscises are your thing.
BMW X5 xDrive45e Plugin-HybridPrice: 77,785 to 82,415Range (electric only): 86kmVerdict: Smoother and more refined than old X5 40e plugin.
Land Rover Range Rover Sport P400e Plugin-HybridPrice: TBARange (electric only): 50km (approx)Verdict: Once a fast-seller in Ireland, can electricity jump-start F-Pace sales again?
Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid.
PorscheCayenne E-Hybrid and Turbo S E-Hybrid Plugin-HybridPrice: 94,759 to 176,441Range (electric only): 35kmVerdict: Rapid Cayenne gives you Porsche punch with green-salving plug power an enticing mix.
Volvo S90 & V90 T8 Recharge Plugin-HybridPrice: 74,196 to 76,556Range (electric only): 56kmVerdict: Big, comfy, kinda sexy. Again, go for the estate.
Volvo XC60 T8 Plugin-HybridPrice: 66,000 to 81,000Range (electric only): 45kmVerdict: Standard model is staid; Polestar version is sparkling (manually adjustable suspension!). Pricey, though.
Volvo XC90 T8 Plugin-HybridPrice: 80,550 to 87,609Range (electric only): 40kmVerdict: Imposing and lovely inside, but thirsty (like, 21mpg) if youre not plugged in all the time.
Bentley Bentayga Plugin-HybridPrice: 280,000 (approx)Range (electric only): 38kmVerdict: Who knew the One Per Cent had an eco-conscience? Ugly outside, but sybaritically slient within.
Land Rover Range Rover P400e Plugin-HybridPrice: 132,585 to 257,320Range (electric only): 51kmVerdict: Range far and wide without the SUV-guilt.
Mercedes S560e Plugin-HybridPrice: 127,335 to 136,117Range (electric only): 40kmVerdict: Electric silence suits the S-Class luxury demeanour
Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid and Turbo S E-Hybrid Plugin-HybridPrice: 115,877 to 196,936Range (electric only): 51kmVerdict: Turbo S combines plugin saintliness with staggering 680hp punch. Enough thrust to make you lose your lunch in a straight line.