Plans for the Nevada caucus on February 22 had to be altered quickly after the chaotic situation with Iowa’s caucus.

For its caucus set to take place later this month, the Nevada State Democratic Party isn’t taking any chances.
The party will use a new tool to tabulate votes in its caucus on February 22. The system will involve a program being pre-loaded onto iPads, which will be dispersed among precinct chairs on Caucus Day, The Nevada Independent reported. 
“We are not using an app, we are not using something you can download on your phone,” Alana Mounce, the executive director of the Nevada Democrats, told The New York Times. 
According to a Nevada Independent report, a video recording of a caucus volunteer training session on Saturday revealed the new tool that will help calculate results. 
“What we’ve done after Iowa is consult with a group of tech and security folks who are helping us through this process and making sure that we’re doing this in a way that is simple and efficient and secure for all of you so that we’re giving you the best tools we can possible on Caucus Day,” a staffer reportedly told volunteers in the video.
Volunteers who were interviewed by The Nevada Independent said that their knowledge of the tool was minimal and that many details were still unclear. 
Nevada Democrats had previously announced that no apps would be used to tabulate votes in the caucus as they scrambled to find a new plan in the wake of the chaotic events in Iowa, where a malfunctioning app significantly delayed the results of the caucus there on February 3.