President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Monday evening, a day before Democrats vote in the Granite State’s first-in-the-nation primary.  Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern. | 2020 Election

President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Monday evening, a day before Democrats vote in the Granite States first-in-the-nation primary.
Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

8:00 PM: Trump vows to keep on “winning, winning, winning” as he closes another raucous rally where it all started in the 2016 election cycle. He tells the crowd that the “best is yet to come.” Crowd chants “four more years.”
7:58 PM: Trump says New Hampshire was founded by tough frontier men and strong, powerful pioneer women. He says he loves the state’s “Live Free or Die” motto and says his administration is making the country greater every single day, “greater than ever before.”
7:57 PM: Trump says America will land the first woman on the moon and plant the American flag on Mars.
7:55 PM: Trump says the Washington swamp is a lot worse than he thought when he was an innocent first-time candidate. He says it is a “dirty swamp” as the crowd chants “drain the swamp.”
7:51 PM: Trump says if Republicans want to vote for a weak candidate (Democrat) tomorrow in New Hampshire, “pick the weakest one.”
7:50 PM: Trump says Obama should be “impeached” for saying “28 different times” that “you can keep your doctor.”
7:48 PM: Trump now says “Crazy Bernie” wants to take health care away from millions and says while Democrats want to run health care they can’t even count votes in Iowa. Trump wonders who won Iowa and mentions it’s already been a week. Trump says “nobody knows” and says “flip a coin.” Trump says he thinks they are trying to “take it away from Bernie again.”
7:47 PM: Trump rips Democrats for supporting sanctuary cities and says his administration has more to secure the border than any administration in history while deporting a record number of MS-13 illegal immigrants.
7:39 PM: Trump says Democrats can rebuild America’s cities with all the money they want to spend on illegal immigrants. He goes old school and reads “The Snake.” He says he wants closed borders and people to come in through “merit” and “legally.” He says he is reading “The Snake” because Democrats want open borders. Trump says Hispanic-Americans and African-Americans are entitled to a government that puts the interest of citizens first.
The @SNHUArena_NH is pretty much full of @realDonaldTrump supporters & still more are filing in #FITN#nhpolitics via @AdamSextonWMURpic.twitter.com/lj6QgVTBIG
— WMUR TV (@WMUR9) February 11, 2020
7:37 PM: Trump says his administration has built “100 miles of wall” and the “numbers change like magic” when parts of the wall go up. He says two things never change as technology advances–“a wheel and a wall.”
7:34 PM: Trump now linking “deadly drugs” to “open borders” in New Hampshire. He says Democrats want open borders and “thousands and thousands of people to pour into our country.” He says many are murders and rapists and will be poisoning the country’s children with drugs. He says “Washington Democrats put the needs of illegal immigrants before the well-being of American citizens.” He mocks Democrats for wanting to give illegal immigrants “free health care” and a “free education.” He says Democrats want every family coming into the country illegally to get a Rolls-Royce.
Absolutely incredible! President @realDonaldTrumps MASSIVE #TrumpRallyNH is underway in Manchester, New Hampshire!!#KeepAmericaGreat🇺🇸🇺🇸#TrumpPence2020🇺🇸🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/qHUUCOqsfi
— Dan Scavino (@DanScavino) February 11, 2020
7:32 PM: Trump says manufacturing jobs in New Hampshire should have never left and the USMCA will bring them back. He says the top reason he ran for office was because of the loss of manufacturing jobs all across the country.
After years of building up other countries, we are finally building up our country President Trump at SNHU Arena in Manchester tonight @wbznewsradio#FITNpic.twitter.com/VjHa8CyBtJ
— JimMacKayOnAir (@JimMacKayOnAir) February 11, 2020
7:30 PM: Trump says he is reversing “calamitous” trade deals and mentions that so many factories in New Hampshire were “shuttered” because politicians sacrificed blue-collar jobs on the “altar of globalism.”
“We can forget about globalism,” Trump says. “We want to take care of our country.”
7:28 PM: Trump says Democrats have betrayed African-Americans for “decades” but his administration is delivering for African-Americans. He says the GOP is the party of “equal opportunity for all Americans.”
7:27 PM: Trump again touts the record-low unemployment rates for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans. He claims the “other side is getting nervous” because his poll numbers are going up “like a rocket ship” with all of these communities.
7:16 PM: Trump says Republicans have so much more enthusiasm than Democrats because Democrats “can’t even count their votes” and are “fighting all over the place” and “don’t know what they’re doing.” Trump says Republicans will take back the House and he hopes McCarthy, who is in the audience, will be the next Speaker.
7:14 PM: Trump says he is hearing that a lot of Republicans in New Hampshire will vote for the weakest Democrat. Trump says he is trying to figure out who is the weakest because they are all weak. Trump, hyping up his economy, says people are coming up to him and saying their wives love them again because their 401Ks are up. “That says something about money,” Trump says.
7:13 PM: Trump says as he keeps on winning, the Washington Democrats are “losing their minds.” He says that is why many Democrats are joining the Republican Party.
7:09 PM: Trump says Republicans voted to reject the impeachment hoax and voted for a “total” and “absolute acquittal.” He says “it wasn’t even close” and thanks GOP House Members and Senators. Romney is booed after Trump says he got 52 votes in the Senate “other than Romney.” He says the radical left’s crusade failed with 18 votes to spare.
7:08 PM: Referring to Pelosi, Trump says somebody was “mumbling” behind him during last week’s State of the Union address. He says it was “very distracting” while the crowd chants “Lock her up.” Trump says “there was a little anger back there.”
New Hampshire crowd chants “Lock her up!” after President Trump alluded to Nancy Pelosi “mumbling terribly behind me” during the State of the Union.
“There was a little anger back there,” he said. “We’re the ones who should be angry, not them.” https://t.co/ON1R263ZV0pic.twitter.com/mnrgTFLIVi
— ABC News (@ABC) February 11, 2020
7:07 PM: Trump claims his arenas have never had an empty seat. He mocks Democrats for drawing just hundreds of people. He says “this is a truly incredible time for America” and touts the booming economy. He says the country has the “most prosperity” it has ever had. He also talks about rebuilding the military with brand new jets and missiles… but he says they haven’t been shipped yet.
7:05 PM: Trump gets on stage to get the Main Event started. He says he has more people in the arena and outside than all of the other Democrats combined times five. Trump says the “fake news” will never report how packed his venues are but says the people can hear the crowd, so they’ll know.
6:55 PM: Pence says he is stepping off the stage because Trump is in the building, and the president can’t wait to speak. He says they will keep America great with Trump in the White House for four more years.
6:50 PM: Previewing some potential lines of attack against Dem. candidates, Pence criticizes Sanders for referring to Soleimani as a government official and not a terrorist. He criticizes Buttigieg for wanting to legalize drugs like meth and heroine.
6:35 PM: Pence says it’s great to be back where it all began in New Hampshire. He says a movement was born four years ago in New Hampshire when New Hampshire “said yes” to Trump.
President Trump has landed in Manchester. The @POTUS is hosting a rally at SNHU arena tonight at 7pm. Apologies for the low quality pics. #FITN#NHPolitics via @MikeCherryWMURpic.twitter.com/s3b5Ktqfud
— WMUR TV (@WMUR9) February 10, 2020
6:30 PM: Big enthusiasm gap:
Shot this last night in downtown Manchester, one of 2 of these set up in anticipation of Trumps rally today. No current Democratic prez candidate can match this monetizable enthusiasm with their base pic.twitter.com/LVOoVRagBg
— Marc Caputo (@MarcACaputo) February 10, 2020
Tonight’s Trump rally at SNHU Arena in Manchester starts at 7 PM. People began waiting in line last night and, even though it’s raining, there’s been a crowd outside the venue all day. pic.twitter.com/jO68sUEiku
— NEWS CENTER Maine (@newscentermaine) February 10, 2020
Check out that line! Supporters of President Trump are ready for his campaign rally in Manchester. Stay with Boston 25 for the latest on the presidential candidates before tomorrow’s primary. https://t.co/iuejXljfxv#boston25#NHPrimary#TrumpRallyManchesterpic.twitter.com/GSLtSIAFtN
— Boston 25 News (@boston25) February 10, 2020
MANCHESTER, NH: the line for tonights @realDonaldTrump rally is blocks and blocks long, 5 hours ahead. pic.twitter.com/DlU3lXGkc3
— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) February 10, 2020
Trump supporters setting up tents, planning to spend the night outside of SNHU arena ahead of the Presidents rally tomorrow in #Manchester NH. Its currently in the mid 20s and snowing. @boston25pic.twitter.com/CgOCAIGDQU
— Kirsten Glavin (@kirstenglavin) February 9, 2020
Line to see #Trump in downtown Manchester is massive. People have been here since 6 am… #NHPoliticspic.twitter.com/hNptXOwnLx
— Jason Johnson (@DrJasonJohnson) February 10, 2020
Cold rain, snow and lots of Trump supporters. Despite the miserable weather, there are already more people lining up outside the venue of @realDonaldTrump s rally tonight than you see at most of the events for the Democratic candidates. Some have been out here all night pic.twitter.com/PI1DOFy9ro
— Jonathan Karl (@jonkarl) February 10, 2020
Thousands of people file into the Keep America Great rally at SNHU Arena in Manchester, NH. The crowd of supporters is eager to hear from President Trump in his first rally since being acquitted of impeachment charges. #WBZpic.twitter.com/kIrffzlxbO
— Nick Emmons WBZ (@NickEmmonsTV) February 10, 2020