Richmond defender Dylan Grimes went to police after becoming concerned about the safety of his family when he was allegedly threatened online.

In a statement police said they arrested a 39-year-old who was bailed to appear in the Magistrates Court on May 4, 2021.
“Police executed a warrant at a Frankston address on Monday 24 August as part of an investigation into alleged online harassment,” the statement said.
“Detectives arrested a 39-year-old man and charged him with stalking, using telecommunications device to menace, making threat to commit sexual offence and other charges.
“He was bailed to appear before Frankston Magistrates’ Court on 4 May 2021.”
Grimes said he was disappointed that the incident during the game had escalated to the point that this was necessary and said he was relieved Victoria Police was able to help protect his family.
“The severity and pointed nature of these threats went way beyond what I would call normal post-game banter with this individual, so much so that we were concerned for the safety of my family back home in Victoria,” Grimes said.
“Honestly, I am disappointed that this has escalated to this extent. I’d really like to move on from it and get back to focusing on footy, but at the same time I also encourage people to continue to call out this kind behaviour. It’s not right for anyone, including players and their families, to have their safety threatened.”
Tigers CEO Brendon Gale said the club backed Grimes in calling out the behaviour.
“No one should have to tolerate this, and as an AFL industry, we need to continue to unite, educate, call out and stamp out this ugly, abusive behaviour,” Gale said.
“Dylan has taken an important stand on an issue that is simply unacceptable.”
The AFL’s MRO charged Grimes with staging, however he is appealing that decision.