Scouts have mixed feelings about the strength of the 2020 NBA draft. There are questions about its star power, but certain prospects have also disappointed relative to expectations…

Michael Reaves/Getty Images
Scary stats: 13.3 points per 40 minutes, 22nd percentile transition (.81 points per possessions), 24th percentile half-court offense (.72 PPP)
The timing of Wendell Moore Jr.’s knee injury was brutal since he’d been flashing signs in November and December against Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Brown and Boston College. But it was still a disappointing start relative to our expectations. We had Moore as a top-20 prospect before the season.
Prior to going down in early January, he was averaging 7.4 points with 33 turnovers to 28 assists and three total three-pointers. The fact that he only took seven triples in 14 games was equally discouraging.
A lack of explosiveness was always on Moore’s scouting report, but it could be overlooked for his strong frame and scoring instincts. Despite the small sample size, he struggled to make athletic plays, converting just 11 of 23 attempts in transition, four of 16 putback attempts and 39.6 percent of his half-court shots at the rim.
There isn’t clarity on when he’ll return or his role once he does now that Cassius Stanley is playing so well. But it doesn’t seem like he’ll have a great opportunityor much timeto regain his preseason reputation. Without a reliable jumper, creative handle or explosiveness for plus finishing, Moore will be a tough sell come 2020 draft time.
Stats courtesy of Synergy Sports and Sports Reference.