Spanish MX President Enrique Bunia has confirmed that the 2019 2019 Filastistims Apertura will have another week of rest.

Monterey will face America in the 2019 final, but the final will have to be postponed by two weeks as Rayados competes in the Club World Cup in Qatar. That forced the Spanish league to get both the Eagles and the ruling regime to rest for another week at the start of the next competition, said the competition’s president, Enrique Bunia.
The schedule for the next tournament is almost over. America and Monterrey have one week left;
The head of the #LigaMX, Enrique Bunia, responds to Miguel Herrera for criticizing the recent dates of #Apertura2019-Publisport_MX-publiomxpic. com/Ttm84O7E9P
— Cesar VARténez (@cesar_martinezr) 12/10/2019
It should be noted that within the schedule of the current competition with 19 teams, America and Rados will face each other on the first day of Clausura 2020, but after Veracruz is robbed, the calendar will undergo some adjustments.
In this way, under the new format of Clausura 2020, it is not known whether Monterey and America will see faces again on the first day or face both new competitors, but it is certain that they will not have to participate on the first day.