The 2020 Republican National Convention begins tomorrow. Here’s your guide to the most important speeches to watch at the four-day festival, before Donald Trump steps up on Friday.

The first half of the convention season in US politics has played out.
Last week, the Democrats held their nominating convention, officially recognising former vice-president Joe Biden as their candidate for the November election.
This week, from Tuesday to Friday AEST, Republicans will get their turn to nominate their candidate, US President Donald Trump, and make their own case to American voters. The events kick off at 9:30am AEST each day.
Is Trump going to win?
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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Republican National Convention will be held almost entirely online, but there will be more in-person events than the Democratic counterpart.
Republican officials have promised therewill be a “nightly” surprise each evening. It’s also expected that Donald Trump is going to speak live on every night of the convention in some capacity, with former producers from The Apprentice involved in the planning.
Almost everything will be livestreamed, so it’s never been easier for US politics junkies in Australia to watch along. Here are the key speeches to tune in for this week.
Day One: Republican leaders get the spotlight
The theme of the first night will be “Land of Promise”.
Republicans will hold their version of the Roll Call, the official procedure that will recognise Donald Trump as the 2020 Republican nominee.
Just over 300 Republican delegates (instead of the usual several thousand) from across America have still gathered in the host city of Charlotte and will participate in the Roll Call.
It will also feature lots of speeches from the public stars of the Republican party including Representative Matt Gaetz, Representative Jim Jordan (who shot to prominence during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial), and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.
Nikki Haley served as Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations until December 2018.(Reuters: Brendan McDermid)
Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Donald Trump Jr will also appear. Both Haley and Trump Jr feature often in polls of Republicans for the 2024 presidential campaign, so the evening will give both the traditional chance to establish themselves as the heir apparent to the President.
It’s also been confirmed that Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a couple who waved guns at Black Lives Matter protesters, will also speak on the first evening.
Mark and Patricia McCloskey have been charged with the unlawful use of the weapons.
Day Two: Three Trumps, but the First Lady will be the star
On the second night, the program will focus on America as a “Land of Promise”.
The major speaker of the night will be First Lady Melania Trump. She’s expected to deliver her speech from the newly-renovated White House Rose Garden.
First Lady Melania Trump will speak from the White House, just like the President.(Reuters: Erin Scott)
In 2016, the First Lady courted plenty of controversy when her speech appeared to plagiarise several sections from Michelle Obama’s 2018 Democratic Convention speech.
She’s one of three Trumps that will speak on day two. The President’s children Eric and Tiffany are also set to appear.
Nick Sandmann, the high school student who went viral in an encounter with a Native American activist at a Right to Life march, is also slated to appear.
Nick Sandmann went viral during a Right to Life march.
Day Three: Military might takes the stage
“Land of Heroes” will be the theme of the third evening, and plenty of speakers and settings will reflect that theme.
Representative Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who was a star candidate for the Republicans at the 2018 midterm elections will get a speaking slot, as well as South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who shot to stardom in the same election.
Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell will keep up the military focus of the night, as will Iowa Senator and combat veteran Joni Ernst, who was floated as a potential running mate for Donald Trump in 2016.
Vice-President Mike Pence will speak from Fort McHenry.(AP: Charlie Neibergall)
As is tradition, vice-president Mike Pence will close out the penultimate evening of the convention.
The vice-president will speak from Fort McHenry in Baltimore, a place with plenty of significance to the American story.
Fort McHenry was the site of a crucial battle between the Americans and the British in 1814, a battle that would later inspire Francis Scott Key to write the poem that eventually became “The Star-Spangled Banner”.
Day Four: Donald Trump closes out the convention
Donald Trump will appear on every night of the convention, but deliver his acceptance speech on the final night.(AP: Evan Vucci)
Set to the theme of “Land of Greatness” borrowing from the President’s famous election slogan the final night of the convention will be all about the “talent in chief”, according to Republican aides who spoke to the New York Times.
The speakers of the night are going to highlight Donald Trump’s achievements in office, with Alice Johnson (the woman whose prison sentence was commuted by Donald Trump after lobbying from Kim Kardashian) and the parents of Kayla Mueller (Mueller was a humanitarian worker killed by ISIS) given a speaking slot.
Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, and frequent defender in the media, Rudy Giuliani will also speak, as will Mr Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump (it means Barron Trump will be the only one of the President’s children not to speak, but he is only 14-years-old).
Alice Johnson, Rudy Giuliani and Ivanka Trump will speak at some point during the convention.(Reuters/AP)
And to close out the night, Donald Trump will deliver his acceptance speech.
The President will deliver his address from the South Lawn of the White House, and House and Senate Republicans have reportedly been invited to watch.
Lights and staging stand on the South Lawn of the White House, ready for Donald Trump’s speech.(AP: Patrick Semansky)
The choice of venue has been criticised by Democrats, who say it violates the Hatch Act (a rule that bans federal government employees, except the president and vice-president, from engaging in political activity).
The US Office of Special Counsel has said the Mr Trump can deliver the speech from the White House.
Where you can watch
Republicans have a website where you can follow all the happenings of the convention. The entire convention will also be livestreaming on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.
We’ll be live-blogging every day of the convention as well, kicking off from 9:00am AEST.
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