The Captain got more Pilsner than he bargained for…

The staff at a Wetherspoon pub in Wrexham got more than they bargained for after Bootlegger, the YouTube and Twitter sensation best known for his love of Wrexham AFC and Pilsner, popped in for a pint but ended up having around £700 worth of stuff ordered for him.
That’s because he gave away his table number on the internet, meaning that anyone in the world could use the Wetherspoon app to send him their regards in the form of food and drink.
If you’re aware of the Wetherspoon App Game, then you’ll know that for the most part, it is a way for people on the internet to wind up others by sending them individual portions of peas and side salads remotely.
However, if you’re one of the internet’s most beloved and renowned Pilsner drinkers, then – it would seem – you can expect to be treated a bit differently.
The calm before the storm… Credit: Twitter
To be fair, Karl Phillips, the man known affectionately as ‘The Captain’ was getting stuck into it pretty early, even for a Saturday.
At 10.40am yesterday morning, he announced that he was sitting down for a pint of Doom Bar in The Gold Cape in Wrexham.
Seven short minutes later, he shared a photograph of the empty glass, and wrote: “Well that was a dammed fine pint of Doom Bar.”
However, somewhere along the line, someone asked him – seemingly innocuously – which table he was sat at in the pub.
That’s where things started to get out of hand.
Credit: Twitter
Once he let slip that he was at table 54 in the pub, the orders started flooding in from well-wishers online.
He continued to share his reactions as people continued to share their online receipts. At one point, he wrote: “Well f*** dis s*** Jesus wept who keeps sending me drinks they piling up like f*** lads.”
Everyone, that’s who.
Five pints and a brandy later, Bootlegger pleaded for an end to proceedings. He said: “Well come on lads pack it in I’m leaving in a minute weatherspoins [sic] have taken over 700 quid worth of orders.”
Things start to get silly… Credit: Twitter
At this point, it was still only 11.36am. That’s not bad going.
Anyway, some good might come out of it. Whilst we’re not sure on the details of all this, he then tweeted out to say that some of the money taken across the bar in that short time could end up at a charity.
He continued: “Top wind up lads looks like it’s going to make a few bob for charity (providing head office clear it).”
Well, at least some good will come out of it. As for The Captain, it looks as if he might have bitten off more than he can chew for once.
At around 1.30am this morning, he tweeted: “Bunch of f***ers I’ve just woke up f*** me I was in hell of a mess cheers.”
Well, at least it’s for a good cause, I suppose?