The coronavirus has reached every continent except Antarctica, with new outbreak clusters in the Middle East and Europe. Follow here for the latest

More than 3,000 people worldwide have now been killed by the novel coronavirus, according to the latest figures released by Chinese authorities.
China’s National Health Commission (NHC) reported that as of the end of the day Sunday, 42 people were killed by the coronavirus — all in the hard-hit province of Hubei — bringing the total death toll in mainland China to 2,912.
There have been 129 deaths reported outside mainland China in the following places:

  • Iran: 54 deaths
  • Italy: 34 deaths
  • South Korea: 20 deaths, 
  • Japan: 12 deaths,
  • Hong Kong: 2 deaths
  • France: 2 deaths

The Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand and the United States have each have reported 1 death.   
The NHC also reported that number of confirmed cases in mainland China rose to 80,026 by the end of the day Sunday, bringing the global total to 88,443. 
Chinese authorities said 44,462 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospital.