The Devil May Cry 3’s Special Edition for Switch comes with a new style swapping system on the go. Instead of swapping at mid-mission statues or before the mission starts, you can switch weapons whenever you want.

Devil May Cry 3Special Edition comes to Switch for the first time on Feb. 20 nine months after the original Devil May Cry hit the system. But the new Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition also brings a huge quality of life improvement to the 2005 action game: the ability to seamlessly swap your weapon style on the go.
In Devil May Cry 4, Devil May Cry 5, and DMC, you can switch up which weapons youre using pretty quickly. Sometimes its a hit of a single button, or you have a specific weapon assigned to a button. In the original Devil May Cry 3, things were a bit more complicated.
While Devil May Cry 3s developers invented the games style-based gameplay, players could only trade out swords for guns or royal guard before missions or at the mid-mission save points never on the go. This made switching styles more punishing, as you could get stuck on an area with a new style you arent familiar with. And if you wanted to level up your styles, you had to do so one at a time.
But the new seamless style switching works just like the other games you switch weapons with the d-pad at any moment. This new system also works with the Doppelganger and Quicksilver styles you earn later in the game.
Capcom promised more feature announcements for the Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on Jan. 30 and Feb. 13.