The film ‘Joker’ became a good event because this film, the Warner Bros.

The film of “Joker” became an event, because this movie, on the Warner Bros. With little hope, it became a resounding success, as he quickly broke box office records, even though he was r-arranged and received his low budget, which only managed to reach a few more than 1,000,000,000,000 dollars and several nominations. , but since its release, the second part has been talked about, but the director has already talked about it and Todd Phillips said there will be no sequel to “The Joker.”
In the last few days there has been talk of a possible continuation of this film, but this information was quickly rejected, as there is nothing concrete about this second part, because the story seems to be finished with this volume.
In a recent interview with this director after his golden football nomination, the director made this film very clear, as Todd Phillips said that he wouldn’t be there to wish for “Joker,” at least he didn’t even have with Joaquin Phoenix. to open up this possibility:
“As far as the sequel is concerned, it is too early. I swear I haven’t even spoken to Joaquin about it or what it will be.
Will you leave the possibility open? Well, he’s “very soon,” and maybe the director himself leaves a small door open for his sequel not in the short term, perhaps with more time, after the release of “Batman” and maybe now on a bigger budget, but at the moment there’s nothing in the Table for this villain.