The power couple 2020 deserves

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Friday, January 17, 2020 – 10:15
Vanessa Hudgens may have only just parted ways with ex-boyfriend Austin Butler but some fans are already jumping to conclusions about who her next partner should be.
People on Twitter have predicted that she and Riverdale actor Charles Melton will get together in the near future, citing the fact that they both star in new movie Bad Boys For Life and looked cosy AF walking the red-carpet together.
For anyone who’s been living under a rock, Charles was previously dating co-star Camila Mendes, with the pair breaking up after a year-long relationship. Since then, there have been no reports of him dating anybody new.
“Ok ….. vanessa hudgens and Charles Melton .. I’m calling it already. Don’t know when. But it’s gonna happen,” one fan wrote, as another said: “Charles melton and vanessa hudgens will end up together, mark my words.”
Ok ….. vanessa hudgens and Charles Melton .. Im calling it already. Dont know when. But its gonna happen.
— rossie (@rossiieenesss) January 16, 2020
charles melton and vanessa hudgens will end up together, mark my words
— melissa (@theniallslove) January 16, 2020
Charles Melton and Vanessa Hudgens are going to start dating.. you heard it here first.
— mrs. fiona charming (@alicamarda) January 15, 2020
As for Vanessa’s break-up with Austin, an insider told E! News that the two are “split for now” but aren’t ruling out a reunion. 
“They have such a history and deep connection they could find their way back to one another. Right now she felt like he needed to go and be single and see if that’s what he really wants.”
With one half of the internet wanting Vanessa to reunite with Zac Efron and the other pinning their hopes on a new romance with Austin, it doesn’t sound like she’ll be flying solo for long.