The rumours were true and now Capcom has officially unveiled a new edition of Resident Evil 3, following the progress we can see here

It turns out that the rumors were true, and after months of uncertainty and leaks that have failed to make a comeback, Capcom has officially unveiled its new edition of Resident Evil 3.
The unveiling took place in its state of play (an online event where Sony advertises the PlayStation ecosystem on December 10).
Since his new edition of Resident Evil 2 was released and received unanimous applause from critics and audiences, the supposed capcom fanatic will not miss the opportunity to also include Resident Evil 3: The Enemy, one of the most popular titles in the original horror saga, originally published in 1999, cooled again.
And now, with the state of the game announcement, the hardcore fans know that they will have the opportunity to review this terrible adventure that introduced the enemy, the monster created by the parachute company. To hunt members of the Raccoon City Police Team S.T.A.R.S.
The preview shows that the game will have first-person parts, but there are also times when expectations change to the third, but it’s uncertain which will be the dominant one, as the trailer is largely made up of a cinematic sequence. Look at it in all its glory:
Best of all, the release date, since Resident Evil 3 arrives on April 3, 2020, i.e. in just four months!.
In addition, the game includes as a bonus of Resident Evil: Resistance, a game that until recently was known only as project resistance and whose proposal is a multiplayer online asymmetric in which the player has the task of eliminating others who cooperation, while the latter has to make a cut. I see their efforts to survive.
This is the time to be a resident nasty fan and let’s thank Capcom for the haste that a new edition of the third part will be released.