The UK, France and Spain plan new restrictions as the WHO warns of “alarming transmission”.

Many European countries are preparing to implement new
measures to stop the spread of coronavirus, as the World Health Organization warns
of a very serious situation.
Along with the UK, the governments of France, Spain and the Netherlands
are all expected to announce new restrictions.
In the Spanish capital Madrid, where many of
the countrys new cases have been reported, health officials have warned that the
regional healthcare system is coming under serious pressure from Covid-19 patients.
meanwhile, is expected to bring in new measures for major cities, including Lyon and Nice.
On Thursday, the WHOs Europe regional director HansKluge said 300,000 new infections were reported across Europe last week,
with the numbers exceeding those seen during the first peak in March.
“Although these numbers reflect more
comprehensive testing, it also shows alarming rates of transmission across the
region,” he said.