The WIRED crew is roaming the CES 2020 show floor to find the coolest and strangest gadgets this year.

Welcome to our CES 2020 liveblog! The WIRED crew is on the ground here in Las Vegas to touch, test, prod, and fondle all of the latest doodads, robot bartenders, underwater drones, and exoskeletons. This liveblog is the place where we’ll report all of our findings. We’ll have videos, photos, written dispatches, and since we’re in the latter half of CES, we’ll probably start to get a little goofy.
We’re on Pacific Standard Time here in Las Vegas, so expect updates to start rolling in around 11 am eastern, or 8 am out west. Refresh the page every once in a while and you’ll see the newest piece of news appear at the top of the page. We’ll keep updating until at least 6 pm PT with some sporadic evening updates after that.
CES Attendees: Come visit WIRED HQ, located at the Yardbird in the Venetian
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Photograph: Amy Lombard
Sarcos Guardian XO not only has a badass name, but its also one of the coolest things Ive seen at CES so far. Its one of the few (if not the only) non-tethered exoskeleton suit, and it looks like a machine straight out of a movie like Edge of Tomorrow. It allows a human operator to hop inside and carry up to 200 pounds, without feeling anything more than the weight of a small backpack. That means almost zero strain on the persons back.
You can freely move aroundSarcos said it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use the suitand the arms have different types of grips you can attach to help carry varied, heavy items. Its powered by two 12-pound batteries that last around 8 hours; theyre hot swappable though, so you dont need to wait for the suit to charge back up to continue working.