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By now, you will have probably learnt that there are two different ways to cook food in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, as players have the option to use Campfires or Cooks.
Campfires are first encountered during the very first mission within the game, when Goku and Gohan use the fire to cook the fish that they caught. Upon interacting with the Campfire, select the option to Cook Food and you will be greeted with a brand new menu that displays all of the different food options that are available within the game.
As you scroll through the menu, you will find everything you need to know about a meal by viewing the panel to the right. This will display a short description, along with information regarding it’s ingredients and temporary effects.The only downfall that comes with using Campfires is that food can not be stored for use later on, but instead it will be instantly consumed after cooking, which can often make it hard to use the recipes stat boosts efficiently.
Alternatively, which we consider to be the much more superior method of cooking, is using one of the many NPC’s that can cook your meal for you. These NPC’s – such as Chi Chi, are often found within villages and can prepare meals for you to use at a later time. This method of cooking is most ideal as it allow you the opportunity to prepare meals for any upcoming boss battles.
How To Obtain Ingredients in DBZ: Kakarot[edit]
There are several ways to find ingredients for all of the different recipes in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. In most cases, you can choose to find your ingredients from enemy drops, vendors, hunting, and fishing. Otherwise, you ingredients can even be obtained through quests.
If you do happen to source the ingredients through enemies and scavenging, do remember to use your Ki sense as it will highlight any fruits or meats that can be found within the area.
Every Cooking Recipe and Meal Effect in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot[edit]
Listed below is a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about all of the different dishes that can be cooked in DBZ: Kakarot. We have also included a breakdown of every Full-Course Meal that can be found throughout the game’s open world environment.
If tables aren’t really your thing, take a look at our gallery below to find a screenshot of every dish!
How To Find Every Full-Course Recipe[edit]
Every Dish Available in DBZ: Kakarot[edit]