Thousands Join ‘Sack ScoMo’ protest around the world

As tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in cities across the country calling for PM Scott Morrison to be sacked, expats from around the world also joined in on the fight.The Sack ScoMo protests, organised by Uni Students for Climate Justice, were held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne — where the rain did little to dampen the mood of the large crowd.
But as the bushfire crisis continues to attract international attention globally, protesters across Europe stopped traffic in London in support of the rally, while other groups took over streets of Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen and Stockholm.
According to Fairfax, London protesters met outside Australia House just hours after the protests in Sydney and Melbourne. About 1000 participants marched and chanted to show their support from the other side of the world about the impact of climate change and the political response to bushfires ravaging across Australia.
“What is happening in Australia is extremely tragic and it’s a sign for the whole world that we need to do something about climate change,” Brenna Lattimore, who took her two sons to the London protest, said.
“Governments aren’t leading. If a government can’t lead and keep its people and its country safe, then what are they doing?”
In Melbourne, a sea of umbrellas could be seen along the steps of Victoria’s State Library and protesters spilt across Swanston Street and towards Melbourne Central Station.
Some used megaphones to speak to small groups who sheltered from the rain. T-shirts, selling for $40 each, read F*** SCOMO.
Placards help by protesters read “We deserve more than your negligence”, “This is ecosystem collapse” and “We can’t breathe”.
In Sydney, thousands gathered outside Sydney Town Hall to hear from speakers.before marching through the CBD chanting “ScoMo’s a w**ker” and “ScoMo has got to go”.
Protesters told news.com.au they were pleased with the turnout.
“There are so many people here, despite the weather. It proves that people really care about the cause and are tired of waiting for action,” one young woman said.