“To find out who is today, isn’t he?” the manager said with a laugh and made no comments.

Chivas sporting director Ricardo Pelez joked about the possibility of adding further reinforcements to the foundation after the club added six elements to its ranks in recent hours.
Pilas arrived at the chivas Verde facility shortly after 8 a.m. When he met the journalists, the manager waved off in a good mood and joked with the media.
To find out who is coming today, right, the manager said with a laugh and made no statements.
Chivas joined Victor Guzmén on Monday, in addition to signing José Juan Vézquez, A. Cristian Calderén, Jes’s N’Golo and Alexis Pea, as well as the return of José Juan Macaas.
It’s hard to get another boost after Guadalajara added eight extras so far. In addition to these, Chivas also reach Uriel Antuna and Antonio Maduea.
MACAS delivered medical tests
Thirty minutes after meeting for a second group of players, striker José Juan Macaas arrived in Valle Valle, which he did with his parents.
His father probably accompanied the footballer from the football department’s administrative offices to the area.
It should be noted that the striker came to the club without wearing a single sportswear during the medical examinations.
In the facilities, the booster Victor Guzmén was seen exchanging glances and talking to all the technical staff under the direction of Luis Fernando Tena. Mr Flacco and his collaborators Salvador Reyes and Alberto The Coyote listened carefully to the conversation.