Two brothers who were gunned down by police at a Victorian campground after charging at officers with weapons have been jailed.

Both men pleaded guilty in November last year to assaulting and threatening to kill officers near Barnawartha North, close to the Victoria and NSW border.
Joshua Clavell was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison, and will be eligible for parole in three years. He will have his driving licence suspended for two years upon release.
Joel Clavell was jailed for 21 months, but having served 460 days of pre-sentence detention he will likely be out in less than six months.
County Court judge Martine Marich found on Monday that the brothers continued to hold animosity towards police, stemming from the death of their father who shot himself during a 12-hour siege at an Adelaide brothel in June 2014.
Joel Clavell after he was shot by police.Credit:Police Media
The court heard the trauma of that incident had solidified into an ongoing hostility that the brothers had continued to express while in prison.
Judge Marich said police had attempted to negotiate a resolution with the younger brother, Joel Clavell, as his older brother lay on the ground bleeding.
“You positioned yourself behind the police vehicle where you continued to threaten members and refused to disarm yourself,” Judge Marich said.
“You challenged police to shoot you, declaring that you wanted to be a martyr and called police ‘dogs’ and ‘mutts’ and declared your intention to have them put their guns down so that you could attack them and chop their heads off.”
Leading Senior Constable Steven Ireland, one of the officers who shot Joel Clavell, said that since the incident he had experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia and an inability to concentrate on simple tasks.
The brothers, who were Muslim converts, had been at the Barnawartha North camp for the holy month of Ramadan.
At Monday’s hearing, the pair smiled and joked with each other over video link before their sentencing began. They were then cut off by the County Court staff.
Police had originally pursued Joshua Clavell, who was wanted on a warrant for breaching a community corrections order. Police spotted the brothers in a car at a nearby Barnawartha North service station and followed it.
Counter-terrorism officers were present at the stand-off in 2019, but there was no evidence the brothers’ offending was motivated by religious ideology.
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