What caught us by surprise at CES? Sony’s Vision S EV, the Samsung Ballie robot and more.

CES can be predictable, but what devices blindsided us in 2020? The Vision S EV did because Sony isn’t known for building cars. While meant to show off Sony’s automotive tech chops, it was far more practical than other CES concept cars (*cough* Mercedes AVTR). Another delightful surprise was Samsung’s Ballie, a rolling robot meant to capture our hearts like Star Wars’ BB-8 droid. Samsung has grand plans for Ballie as a home assistant, fitness coach and even safety monitor, but all it really did at CES was, well, roll. Finally, we got to see the killer feature of the streaming service Quibi. Called Turnstyle, it allows videos to be played in either vertical or horizontal orientations with no black bars. All of these things managed to surprise us and that’s saying something because a flying car didn’t even make the list. For more, follow our complete CES 2020 coverage.