Activision has figured out that Call of Duty works better on mobile where microtransactions are more acceptable.

  • Activisions latest earnings report shows that Call of Dutys biggest platform is mobile gaming.
  • The game has been insanely successful since it was released, amassing 150 million downloads.
  • Since Activision is doing so well with mobile gaming, they should just stick to it.

Activision just revealed that mobile gaming has become their biggest platform for the Call of Duty franchise. The game has been insanely popular since it was released. Its already amassed 150 million downloads.
Activision is suddenly making an insane amount of money from mobile gaming. Since thats the case, maybe they should just go 100% mobile and stay there.
Activision is turning Call of Duty into a microtransaction nightmare. | Source: David Marin Foto/Shutterstock.com
Activision and Mobile Gaming Is a Partnership Made in Hell
Everyone knows that Activision loves microtransactions. They especially love adding them to games post-release. If theres a place that is dominated by microtransactions, its mobile gaming.
Since Activision is so into microtransactions, they should just give up on proper gaming. Its not like they care about the industry or the community. The quicker they turn all of their IPs into mobile games, the faster the community can mourn and move on.
Theyre already practically there anyway. Theyve turned Call of Duty into a mobile game, Diablo too. We just recently got the news that Crash Bandicoot is getting the same treatment.
They should at least drop the pretense of giving a fig.
Activision Is Awful Just Like All the Other Mobile Game Developers
If Activision can be cornered off to mobile gaming, the rest of us can get on with playing real games. No more having to deal with microtransactions. Well, at least not from Activision.
That wouldnt stop companies like EA from having their way. Doing the same thing with EA would cost the community a boatload of IPs that we love.
Its all just a daydream anyway.
Activision isnt going anywhere. Theyre only going to get worse. They can make so much money from mobile gaming that you just know theyre going to pursue it hard.
Dont be shocked when we end up with even more half-baked mobile games from the worlds shadiest gaming company.
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