Authorities reported the disappearance of a Chilean military plane with 38 people on board targeting a base in Antarctica.

A C130 military aircraft lost 38 radios on Monday after leaving Punta arenas in southern Chile for a base in Antarctica, the Chilean Air Force said in a statement.
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The Chilean Air Force reported that a Hercules C130 lifted from Punta Arenas at 16H55 GMT to Antarctic Abase Chief Eduardo Frei, the statement said.
Thirty-eight people were on board the C130 Hercules, including 17 crew members from the plane and 21 passengers, the statement said.
The force said it had declared a state of alert for the loss of communications and activated a rescue operation involving aircraft and ships of the Chilean navy.
Chilean President Sebastian Pinera expressed horror at the situation and announced that he would travel to Punta Arenas with Interior Minister Gonzalo Bleumel to follow him alongside defense owner Alberto Espina and to join the search and rescue efforts. Company.
The plane, which took off from Chaponco Air Base in Punta Arenas, 3,016 kilometers south of Santiago, met with logistical support and transported personnel to inspect the floating fuel supply pipeline at the base in Antarctica.
With information from the Afp agency.