Bachelor in Paradise: Ciarran Stott debuts drastic new look

Hes caused quite the stir throughout his run in Paradise, so it makes sense that Ciarran Stott might be after a less recognisable look.And with his bold new hairstyle, he may have achieved it.
The tatted-up bad boy rocked a darker image in a series of recent photos, sporting a brunette ‘do over his signature bleach blonde hair as well as a cluster of new tattoos across his already ink-coated midriff.
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In the recent modelling snaps, the former Army rifleman’s stomach was splattered in fresh tatts, with the portion of skin that was bare on Bachelor in Paradise now completely covered.
He’s also lost the holiday moustache.
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Ciarran, who we first met on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette as the loveable British larrikin who gleefully stripped down for a live drawing session, has experienced a spectacular fall from grace in Fiji after his past was dredged up at a fiery dinner party this week.
His ex-girlfriend Renee Barrett, from Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor, arrived in Fiji during Tuesday night’s episode to reveal that Ciarran was still in touch with her while vying for Angie Kent’s heart.
The revelation came after a messy, MAFS-style dinner party complete with a temper tantrum, Ciarran and Renee storming off down the beach in tears, and Ciarran threatening to leave while fellow contestants watched on.
“None of these people know that you left Angie for me,” Renee said while confronting him in a wine-fuelled, teary argument.
“While you were in the mansion, you were calling me, making sure I was OK. ‘How are the dogs?’ You know, ‘I’m worried about you’. What the f**k are you playing at?,” she said.
“Yeah, sweet, I lied about that. Great, I f***ing own that, too. There you go,” a fired-up Ciarran responded.
During Angie’s season, Ciarran memorably left ahead of the rose ceremony, telling Angie his grandmother had unexpectedly died.
The two had established a clear connection, sharing an emotional farewell and long kiss before Ciarran’s car rolled away.
Following Tuesday’s explosive episode, many fans were left wondering whether Ciarran had lied about his reasons for leaving the mansion, prompting the Mancunian to post a photo of his grandmother’s funeral order of service on his Instagram story.
“To all the people who think I made up the story about the passing of my nana. Next slide is for you. I shouldn’t even have to be proving anything but that’s just how the internet is,” he wrote.
Ciarran is still a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise, with things between him and Jess Brody seemingly heating up.
Spoilers suggest their fling could be short-lived, however, with photos from December last year placing him with Kiki Morris, who will enter as an intruder in an upcoming episode.
Bachelor in Paradise continues Sunday night from 7.30pm on Channel 10.