Majok Majok, who died in a homicide on Friday, is being remembered as humble and active in his community. He is the city’s second homicide victim of 2020.

Family of Majok Agwait Majok and members of their community were present at court on Monday for the first appearance of a youth accused of killing him.
James Guichwang, chairman of the South Sudanese Canadian Association in Regina, said the community has been rallying around the family in an effort to provide support.
“Since the incident, the family are all consoled by the community,” he said. “People have been going to their residence every evening, every day. Some people even stay overnight … It’s not that easy yet.”
Majok, 23, was named as the victim of a homicide on the weekend, Reginas second of the year and the third suspicious death in the city over a two-day span. Guichwang said the family doesn’t know much yet beyond what police have released publicly, and are hoping to learn more.
“Whatever the motivation is, we don’t know that …,” he said. “The family would like to see justice delivered.”
The Regina Police Service reported officers were called to the 500 block of Wascana Street around 1:30 a.m. on Friday for a report of an injured male inside a residence. Police arrived to find a critically injured male. EMS attended, but the man — subsequently identified as Majok — was pronounced dead a few minutes later.
As a result of the investigation, a 17-year-old male was charged with second-degree murder.
The youth — who cannot be named under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act — made his first appearance at Regina Youth Court on Monday morning.
Family members of Majok and supporters were present, and some left in tears. The appearance was quick, the youth keeping his head down and facing away from those in the courtroom’s gallery. A defence lawyer appeared with him and set the matter over to Feb. 5. The youth will remain in custody in the meantime.
Family members didn’t want to speak on the record on Monday, but said they came to Canada from Egypt in 2003. Majok has four siblings. While he had a girlfriend — he was at her house when he was killed, Guichwang said — he had no children.
Speaking on the family’s behalf, Guichwang described Majok as a humble and “very nice young man” who has been actively involved in his community, including with youth.
Guichwang said the community is close-knit and has only about 185 people, so tragedies like this hit hard.
“Losing a young man’s life with a senseless killing is devastating,” he said.