No one is indifferent to what happened to P.T. (Trailer to play), which was almost released by The Surprise on the PlayStation network platform in 2014.

No one is indifferent to what happened to P.T. (Trailer to play), which was almost released by The Surprise on the PlayStation network’s platform in 2014, a show that locked us in an almost infinite corridor, with an entity that drove us to today, there are still interesting details.
The fact is that this project was eventually cancelled by Konami, the owners of Silent Hill License, a game that was responsible for Hipero Kojima in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro, but the following year Hebero had left Kojima Konami to work with the Kojima production and to direct the first piece. Death will multiply.
Although what “Silent Hill” may be has an impact on society to this day, the new information will tell us that konami not only has plans with this franchise, but Hideo Kojima will work with this company again to get the next game. Develop.
According to The Insider, this time is unknown, he had made a post on Reddit, in which he practically confirmed that Hippo Kojima, would be in pre-pro-produquition talks with Konami, for the investigation of his new silent hill.
Unreasonable because this is true, since Kojima, has not left the best way to the studio, user commented that this possibility was since Störing’s death came into the state “gold” in production and he did not want to comment until certain events occurred, one of They were imaizumi from the productions of Kojima Kojima, one of the studio’s founders, leakers said imaizumi had retired from the creative variations studio after reworking with Konami.
Another detail event that would play the lead role would have been a release in which Kojima claimed he wanted to make the game the scariest in the industry.
Part of the detail that the user shares on Reddit is that this new silent hill will be in the third person, it will be Norman Redos because it will be Konami who will choose the main representative of this project, and finally it will look to the most famous ro Known to combine to participate in it, he otherwise explains y you that Hipero Kojima will have an empty paper to produce the game, which means he will have full control over how the story develops.
As we’ve mentioned before, this story is hard to believe, but there’s still the hype lurking at Silent Hill, and recently Konami himself has confirmed that she won’t let the franchise die, so there are some points in this leaker’s history , which can have logic after everything has happened. Finally, the creator of the post reveals that the announcement of this new silent hill could come soon, so that two dates for Neri, which could be early 2020 or if we are lucky at the game award ceremony on December 12.