Paris Hilton shocks fans using her real voice on air

Finally moving past her dumb blonde persona, Paris Hilton is showcasing her true self.In her upcoming documentary This Is Paris, fans have been given an insight into the real life she has led, which has included trauma and abuse.
When she skyrocketed to fame, she held a stereotype of the ditzy blonde that has followed her throughout her career.
However, Hilton is finally proving that it was all a façade.
While chatting to Today and Sunrise to promote the doco, Paris looked elegant and sophisticated – but it was one small detail that shocked viewers: her voice.
While chatting to reporter Edwina Bartholomew, Hilton sounded completely normal, her “baby voice” nowhere to be heard.
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“This entire time, I have been playing a character, so the world has never truly known who I am. The real me is someone who is actually brilliant. I’m not a dumb blonde, I’m just really good at pretending to be one,” she said.
When she was asked why she was willing to come forward about her life, she said, “It was time for the world to finally know who I was.
“I feel like I’ve been through so much … there’s so many misconceptions and preconceived notions about me.
“I don’t want to be remembered as some airhead. I want to be respected for the businesswoman I am.”
Hilton has spoken about the “fake voice” she put on in previous interviews.
In 2016 she appeared on the Today show in America, where the hosts quizzed her about the change in her voice.
“This is actually my real voice,” she said. “My other voice – you know, that Simple Life kind of baby voice that I used to use … I actually have a low voice in real life.”
Hilton recently spokeabout the abuse she has suffered, which will be documented in This Is Paris.
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“I buried my truth for so long,” she said. “But I’m proud of the strong woman I’ve become. People might assume everything in my life came easy to me, but I want to show the world who I truly am.”
As a young girl, Hilton would rebel against her strict parents.
“It was so easy to sneak out and go to clubs and parties. My parents were so strict that it made me want to rebel. They’d [punish me] by taking away my cellphone, taking away my credit card, but it didn’t work. I would still go out on my own.”
It was then that Hilton was sent to boarding school in the late 1990s. She attended Utah’s Provo Canyon School for 11 months.
“I knew it was going to be worse than anywhere else,” Hilton said, adding, “It was supposed to be a school, but [classes] were not the focus at all. From the moment I woke up until I went to bed, it was all day screaming in my face, yelling at me, continuous torture.”
“The staff would say terrible things. They were constantly making me feel bad about myself and bully me. I think it was their goal to break us down,” she continued. “And they were physically abusive, hitting and strangling us. They wanted to instil fear in the kids so we’d be too scared to disobey them.”
Three of her former classmates are set to appear in the documentary to support her claims, which included being held down and drugged as punishment.
“I was having panic attacks and crying every single day,” she added. “I was just so miserable. I felt like a prisoner and I hated life.”
This Is Paris premieres September 14 on Hilton’s YouTube channel.