1. Seven Kings stabbing – Three builders stabbed in ‘row over unpaid work’  The Sun
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  3. Two arrests after three Sikh men stabbed to death …

Did you witness the incident or know any of the men involved? Call 02077824351 or email abe.hawken@thesun.co.ukEmergency services were called to the triple murder on Elmstead Road around 7.30pm last night.
One victim was knifed in the neck, shoulder and chest, and another battered round the head with a hammer in a savage brawl between two groups of men.
Police said in a statement all three men were confirmed dead at the scene, with an eyewitness hearing one victim shouting, They killed me, help me.
A local businessman said violence erupted over unpaid work in the area after a group left a local Indian restaurant and bumped into the victims.
He told Mail Online: “The argument was all over money for unpaid work. That happens a lot around here because we have a lot of immigrants from India who work as builders.
“They started arguing inside the restaurant and were very drunk. They had been drinking whisky for several hours.
“The row was all over some of the group being angry at the others over the fact that they had not been paid for a job.
“The argument then continued as they came out of the restaurant.
“You could hear lots of screaming and shouting and then all hell broke loose with one of the men pulling out a knife and attacking the others.”
Cops have arrested two men, aged 29 and 39, on suspicion of murder.
Jasbal Singh, the brother of Narinder – Nik – Singh and a close pal of Mr Kumar, found all three men lying on the ground.
The heartbroken brother told the Evening Standard: “I got a call saying my brother had been stabbed. I went there and just saw him laying there. There was blood everywhere.
“I shouted, Wake up, wake up but it was no good. I had lost him. He was a great brother and a popular guy with no enemies. I am devastated.”
Narinder was one of three men slaughtered yesterdayCredit: Facebook
Harinder (Honey) Kumar, was also killed in the bloody street brawlCredit: Facebook
Police have arrested two men on suspicion of murder after three men were killed in North East LondonCredit: SWNS:South West News Service
Harrowing footage from the scene shows a man lying in a pool of blood
He added: I have lost not only my brother but a best friend I lived with. I dont know how this could have happened.
“We were so close, my heart is broken.
Mr Kumar’s cousin told MailOnline his murdered relative was ‘a lovely, fun guy’ and was best friends with Narinder Singh.
He said: “They both worked as builders and had only been in the country for about three years. Sunday was Harinder’ s one day off in the week.
“He knew all the other men that were there when he was killed. They all worked and socialised together.
“They’d been out drinking like they normally do on a Sunday. I’ve heard that they got into a row over money.
London mayor Sadiq Khan visited the scene of Sunday’s slaughter earlier todayCredit: PA:Press Association
Forensic officers continued their fingertip search of the murder sceneCredit: SWNS:South West News Service
“Some of the family got a call on Sunday evening saying Harinder had been attacked.
“They rushed down there but couldn’t get close as the police had sealed the area off.
“They were screaming and shouting his name but the police were holding them back. Its heartbreaking what we are all going through.”
London mayor Sadiq Khan visited the scene of Sunday’s slaughter earlier today, calling the killings ‘a tragic reminder of the evil scourge of knife crime that continues to plague our entire country’.
Speaking at the scene this morning, Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman, said: “It was a coming together of two groups of men.
“”There are two people in custody. We believe the parties are known to each other, the parties were in the Sikh community.
I shouted, Wake up, wake up but it was no good. I had lost him
Jasbal Singh
“It was a horrific scene for anyone to come across. My heart goes out to the families and those affected by it because it is unprecedented to have something like this.”
He said the arrested men and victims were all known to each other.
Harrowing footage from the scene shows one man lying in a pool of blood.
Witness Hardev Singh told LBC: I could just hear someone crying help me, help me, help me – the police got there five or six minutes later, its very shocking.
Speaking to The Sun Online, the witness who tweeted the clip, said: “I was on my way to work and I spotted a group of people standing round these men on the ground.
Scotland Yard Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman, pictured today, said the victims are all Sikh menCredit: PA:Press Association
A forensic investigator looks under an evidence bag covering an unknown item following last night’s triple stabbingCredit: London News Pictures
A forensic officer pictured at the scene in IlfordCredit: UKNIP
Police at the scene confirmed all three men were deadCredit: UKNIP
“They were all lying, a few steps apart and covered in blood.
“There was one man staring, eyes to the floor and not moving soaked in blood.”
He added one man appeared to have multiple gashes to his stomach, and one in his throat.
He continued: “I saw a few guys running away from the scene and a man carrying a cricket bat.”
The witness told The Sun Online he alerted police of the man carrying the bat who then pursued him.
He added the cricket bat was thrown to the floor, where it appeared to have blood on it – but it’s unclear whether the blood was from the men who had been stabbed.
One resident saw paramedics battling to save the victims after they collapsed in the road at the junction of Salisbury Road and Elmstead Road.
He told us: I could see at least two of them lying in the road.
They were lying naked on the pavement, I dont know if the paramedics had had cut them out of their clothes to get to the wounds.
I could see one of them had been stabbed in the stomach. There was blood all over the pavement.
There was one man staring, eyes to the floor and not moving soaked in blood
Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, added: I heard shouting, people saying s***. It sounded like people were running away but I couldnt see anything.
I looked outside a few minutes later and the paramedics were there, it wasnt until later I heard people had been stabbed.
Kami Rai, Deputy Leader of Redbridge Council, tweeted: “Horrific, 3 men stabbed in Seven Kings/Goodmayes area.
“Knife crime is becoming all too common, we need a national strategy and more police resource now.”
Labour MP for Ilford South, Sam Tarry, tweeted he was “heartbroken” at the news of the triple stabbing.
He wrote: “My heart goes out to the victims families.”.
London’s knife explosion has fuelled the capital’s highest murder rate in more than a decade with 149 people killed in the capital last year – 90 in stabbing attacks.
Anyone with information is asked to alert police on 101, quoting CAD6374/19JAN or @CrimestoppersUK 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111.
A murder investigation has been launched after three men were stabbed to death in Ilford last night
The Met say an investigation has been launchedCredit: UKNIP
Formal identification of the three victims is underwayCredit: UKNIP
Police were called to Elmstead Road in East LondonCredit: Google